YAMAUCHI (山内)  Distributor Agreement

After graduating from a fashion school, the designer worked in the construction industry, making clothes as a hobby and established the brand in 2010.

As the designer is very proud to be Japanese, all the clothes of Yamauchi are made by Japanese and are based on Japanese manufacturing.

The garment workers in the atelier and the garment workers in Yamauchi make all the garments by hand. At Yamauchi, the finest domestic materials are used in the best processing method and sewing techniques to make their garments in patterns that allow the wearer to feel as comfortable as possible.It is one of the rare brands in Japan that is made up of a small number of designers and craftsmen that carefully make clothes one by one by hand.

Designer: Akihiro Yamauchi
Production Area : Japan


Handling Store : FASCINATE Osaka Kitahorie

Handling Store : ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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