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"RIGARDS" , an eyewear brand based in Paris , France by designer "TI KWA"

The brand name "RIGARDS" is based on "rigard" which means "To see and to look" in French.

Using natural water buffalo horns, it is produced in a way that one craftsman carries out all the processes to completion.

RIGARDS creations are characterized by their artlike shapes and witty designs while being conscious of the vintage atmosphere.

Available in 2 styles, "European Fit" and "Asian Fit" for a comfortable fit.

The Asian Fit comes with a Nose Pad, which fits naturally to the Japanese face.

These unique and superb eyewear products are carefully created one by one by top quality materials and skilled craftsmen.

Designer: TI KWA
Production Area : France


Handling Store : FASCINATE Osaka Kitahorie ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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15 Item(s)

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