PROLETA RE ART  Distributor Agreement


The purpose of PROLETA RE ART is to make "clothes that you will never want to give up for the rest of your life" with the power of design and craft quality as a perfect item, with repair and customization of used clothes that have been once removed from hands, and hacking by vintage processing.
By PROT doing all the work from design to production, the quality is completely controlled.

While he was working as a designer at a former apparel company, he was looking at clothes that were mass-produced in a factory.
During production, a lot of pieces were cut out in the cutting process and disposed of them without hesitation. Obsolete inventory was sold at a sale price, and even so, obsolete inventory was incinerated as industrial waste ...
As a designer, PROT had been working in the apparel industry for 10 years, feeling a sense of incongruity.
In recent years, they have not been advocating superficial ecology and sustainability, but they believe that it is truly sustainable to make customers want to keep the clothes for the rest of their lives. If the clothes break after being worn, they can repair them if the customer wishes.
In addition to simply repairing, they also offer a wearable product that you will love for a lifetime.

Designer: PROT
Production Area : Japan

Handling Store : The R Osaka Minamihorie

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