NOUSAN  Distributor Agreement

NOUSAN is a brand newly started from the 2021 SS collection by the designer who was in charge of the men's department of RICORRROBE.

After graduating from a fashion school, designer Tsukasa studied tailoring at a suit factory in Japan. Although he temporarily left the fashion industry, he could not give up his passion for making clothes and went to Britain alone.
After working as a men's designer at RICORRROBE in London, he started his own brand, NOUSAN, after returning to Japan.

The work of NOUSAN is completely handmade by the designer himself who works all the processes of pattern, sewing, and dyeing.
The warm and nostalgic atmosphere that evokes the good old days' items is carefully made one by one in the quiet studio.
There is no particular collection theme, and some works inspired by everyday landscapes, art, photos, movies, and music are named after inspiration.

While valuing the texture and atmosphere of the fabric carefully selected from Japan and overseas, NOUSAN is particular about the comfort and beautiful cutting, and propose a simple work that can be worn for a long time.

Designer: Tsukasa
Production Area :Japan

Handling Store : ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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