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Masnada was born in 2007 as a result of the intense passion of all the staff involved with product manager, Angelo Ianello.
The designers of this project are Kristopher, experienced with Yohji Yamamoto and a veteran of theatre costume design in the UK, and Cristina, who is experienced with Ann Demeulemeester.
This is a collection created by a British couple who have been active in Tuscany for many years.
Each item in the collection is produced in Italy by a skilled craftsman, Italian tailoring and craftsmanship are demonstrated throughout the collection.
The fabric is made from natural fibers and has a gentle natural colour with a timeless look.
Masnada's collection created through extensive research into shapes and diverse personalities, is available in high-end select shops around the world for people who love freedom and are not afraid to break trends.

Designer: Angelo Ianello and Cristina
Production Area : Italy


Handling Store : ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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