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'MAD et LEN' established in 2007 in San Julian, Provence region of southern France, is a natural and gentle fragrance extracted by traditional distillation method.
All of the works produced in accordance with traditional French manufacturing methods are made from natural materials and do not use any chemical products nor do they undergo animal testing.
As only ingredients that meet strict standards are used, the number of products produced and the aroma released each year varies. The reason why mass production is not possible is that all the processes are carried out by hand and the growth of the plant, which is the origin of the fragrance, is greatly affected by the weather.
If there is a fragrance which does not meet the quality standards, the product announcement will be stopped.
The fragrance bottle was made by the same manufacturing method of the medicine bottles from the beginning of 20th century France, it has a high light-shielding property that protects the fragrance.
Everything from the packaging to the box has been carefully manufactured by hand and by order.

Designer: : Alexandre Piffaut,Sandra Fuzier
Production Area : France


Handling Store : ANNASTESIA Nagoya FASCINATE .LOGY Kyoto

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MAD et LEN Restocks and New Arrivals

MAD et LEN Restocks and New Arrivals

MAD et LEN Restocks and New Arrivals

New fragrance and lava stone type from Mad et Len is now in stock. The newly arrived fragrance is "Black UDDU" which means a black laboratory, has a woody fragrance of leather and amber.

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