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Designer Arashi Yanagawa was born in 1975 in Hiroshima Prefecture. Before getting himself into fashion, he began his career as a professional boxer before the love of design led him to found his brand in 2003.
The brand name "John Lawrence Sullivan" is derived from the first legendary American heavyweight champion, John Lawrence Sullivan, whose strength, personality, dignity and desire were all traits that express Arashi Yanagawa as a fashion designer.
Arashi Yanagawa experienced a part-time job selling clothes and after retiring as a professional boxer, he moved to the UK. He was influenced by British fashion when he experienced buying and selling old clothes, he then started to study British tailoring on his own and began making clothes.
His sales then launched in 2003-2004 Autumn Winter and he then debuted his collection for the 2007 Spring Summer Tokyo Collection.
A flagship store in Nakameguro opened in 2008. The flagship store also developed the high-end line "JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN TAILOR", which is only handled directly managed stores.
In 2010, the new line "The Sullivans" debuted. A line of women's wear was also announced in 2010, the Paris collection debuted in 2011 through the Tokyo collection and the announcement was then moved to the London collection from the 2017 Autumn Winter Collection. His brand has since grown into a leading Japanese brand. Overall, John Lawrence Sullivan is a brand based on the concept of a male image with strength and elegance.

Designer: Arashi Yanagawa
Production Area : Japan


Handling Store : The R Osaka Minamihorie

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