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A new sneaker collection starting in 2021 by designer Yasuhiro Mihara.The sneakers were created in Italy in 2018, when the designer Mihara saw a vintage combat boot in a military shop.

It is impossible to wear vintage shoes because of the deterioration of the components, but he wanted to make vintage shoes that can be worn, so he created a "new" sole based on actual vintage shoes, faithfully reproducing the worn out look of the heel and the rotten rubber.

In addition, Mihara Yasuhiro had been thinking seriously about "sustainability" for a long time, and he decided to make sneakers using 'biodegradability' materials from the sole to the upper and sewing thread. All materials used in the collection are carefully selected from environmentally friendly companies around the world.

The main point of this collection is to "where, how, and from what materials" 'visualisation', and to challenge the collection of shoes you can wear with confidence. In other words, it is to make shoes that can be provided to consumers with peace of mind.This collection is intended to be an opportunity to think about the "future of our planet" for all people.

Designer : Mihara Yasuhiro
Production Area : Japan


Handling Store : .LOGY Kyoto

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