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Boris Bidjan Saberi is a German menswear designer in Barcelona.
He was born in Munich to a German mother and Persian father. He studied fashion in Spain and then went on to create his own menswear brand in 2007, "BORIS BIDJAN SABERI”. The collection was established and started in the spring summer 2010 season.
Since the collection was inspired by the avant-garde style drawn from the monotone palette, European tailoring and the Middle Eastern organic material is frequently used and has since captured the world’s attention.
Boris Bidjan Saberi's precise cutting and edgy details has a structure of the human body. His works emphasizes human strength based on the skeletal and muscle composition. It demonstrates that the essence of aesthetics that is the human body.
The high-end elements have been added to the street and skate culture that is the root of design, his unique collections are devoted to handcraft and attract fashion lovers.

Designer: Boris Bidjan Saberi
Production Area : Portugal

Handling Store :
FASCINATE Osaka Kitahorie

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DEVOA EXIST 22-23AW ”Layered Pants Stretch Dry Skin”

DEVOA EXIST 22-23AW ”Layered Pants Stretch Dry Skin”

DEVOA EXIST 22-23AW ”Layered Pants Stretch Dry Skin”

Today we would like to introduce ”Layered Pants Stretch Dry Skin” from DEVOA EXIST, which is made of DEVOA's high-functional material like ”Easy Pants Stretch Dry Skin” introduced in our previous blog, with material explanation and styling. We would like to introduce these pants with material information and styling.

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