MYKITA Distributor Agreement

MYKITA is an eyewear manufacturer based in Berlin, Germany, known internationally for its hand-assembled prescription frames and sunglasses. MYKITA has had collaborations with Damir Doma and Maison Margiela for their eyewear.

While maintaining a minimalist style, they have a consistent design method of reconsidering lens shapes and elements, MYKITA continually interacts with the talents outside the brand intentionally and it is a brand that refines itself year by year.

The main image of 2015 is photographed by Mark Bozvik and expresses the world view of the brand in his peculiar colour space. As a partner of the collaboration, the sharp lineup consists of Maison Margiela, AMBUSH, TIM COPPENS, Bernhard Willhelm, DAMIR DOMA, MONCLER, Palm Angels, Cote & Ciel, and other noteworthy brands.

The creative group of Moritz Krueger, Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans including two ic!berlin designers "Philip" and "Harold" who oversaw the design from the beginning launched in 2003 and the origin of the brand name seems to be because the factory was built in the place where the kindergarten was.

Designer: Moritz Krueger,Harald Gottschling,Daniel Haffmans,Philipp Haffmans
Production Area: Germany


处理店铺 : FASCINATE 大阪北堀江分店

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