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Curtis is a luxury watch brand established by Curtis Wong, a famous businessman who published watch magazines. He was also a famous watch collector, and was fascinated by the watches he saw when he visited London, Paris, Munich, Geneva, and other European countries. His passion for watches and inquisitiveness led him to the idea of creating amazing timepieces for his friends that could not be found anywhere else, which led to the creation of the brand. He researched the best features of the world's most popular watches and then kept a detailed record of how he would change them. He wanted to combine elegance, high technology and the world's most advanced technology with the craftsmanship of watchmaking from the good old days that are being lost, to create a watch that looks nothing like any other. Over the course of three years, they have travelled the world to Switzerland, London, Paris, Germany and beyond, preserving the time-worn techniques and skills passed down from parent to child for generations, with the finest Swiss movements created by artisans who hand them down to the present. The collection, which embodies his philosophy derived from collecting high-end watches from around the world and accumulating research, has grown into one of the most talked-about new watchmakers in years, with its precise, high-quality manufacturing and fashionable designs that can be worn regardless of gender. It is now used by many famous people around the world, including top stars such as Paris Hilton, Ne-Yo, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan.

Designer : Curtis Wong
Production Area : U.S.A

Handling Store :
FASCINATE Osaka MInamihorie .LOGY Kyoto ANNASTESIA Nagoya

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