We cannot ship to mainland China/Russia.

Due to the rapid increase of international mail, it has been announced that EMS will be temporarily suspended.

As a result, we will stop accepting orders to Russia and China (Excluding Hong Kong/Macau) until EMS service is resumed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

In our company, we will stop using EMS and change to DHL only.

In mainland China/Russia, DHL does not deliver to private homes, so unfortunately we cannot deliver until EMS is restored. Thank you for your understanding.

Date the information was last updated : 2020.04.1

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EMS suspension

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Shipments to mainland China

Due to the latest regulations of the Chinese customs authorities, please read the following.

If you have made an order with us and after we have shipped out your parcel (Normal, Parcel and EMS) to Mainland China and if it cannot be delivered due to the following 2 reasons that are stated below, it will not be returned to Japan and will be disposed of by the Chinese customs authorities.

It is your responsibility to collect your order for the following reasons:

If it is discarded by the customs, we will not refund you for the order and we also will not be able to resend the same item to you again.

These are the 2 following reasons why the authorities will dispose of your parcel if it cannot be delivered to you:

1. Parcels that have been rejected

2. Parcels that have passed the retention period

This revision was notified to us by China according to the latest regulations of the Chinese customs authorities.

After you have made an order with us, we will send an email to you and If you agree or disagree with these terms, please make sure to send us a reply.

If we do not hear from you in two days after the email has been sent to you, we will cancel your order.

There have been some customers that refuse to accept their parcels due to the high customs duties or high tariff.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

How to Contact Us

Please send us an inquiry at info-en[at]fascinate.jp

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