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NIL SNEAKERS-Black / White-1 (25.5cm)
Color: Black / White
Size: 1 (25.5cm) / out of stock
Size: 2 (26.5cm) / out of stock
Size: 3 (27.5cm) / out of stock
Size (cm)
SIZE (cm)
Size Outsole Width Height Heel
サイズ アウトソール ワイズ 全体の高さ ヒールの高さ
Coated Cloth 
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Collection 19SS
handling-store The R Osaka, Kyoto Fujidaimaru

NILøS 19 Spring Summer Collection.

White × black colour scheme with a sporty look. These future style shoes are finished with a sneaker look with a good fit, it also has cushioning properties contrary to the appearance. The upper is switched with coating canvas and mesh material, the sole is also a thick base specification with edge effect. Although the form has volume, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

* Additional images of this item can be viewed on our blog entry,「NILøS 19SS Bright taffeta Set up Style」「NILøS 19SS Cotton double fleece Set up Style」「NILøS 2019SS BACK BALLOON ZIP HOODIE Graige Style」, 「JULIUS recommend item [KITE BONDING T-SHIRT] styling


Made in China

NILøS was created by the company THIRD STONE, the same company that made JULIUS. NILøS [Non Ism Line øf Self] |Means that there is no ideology nor borders to this brand. [Ø] |Means empty set. The "Ø" in NILøS represents the fabric chosen and modified to make different creations, to give elegance and a natural movement to people wearing them. The ideals and principles that humans need to live were nullified in order to keep only the purest signification. The "Ø" represents the natural differences between things and beings of nature. NILøS shows the best and the originality of each individual. So this brand does not categorize personalities. The creations originated from this project are not meant to show a perfect and complete vision of the world from the brand, but to adapt to the originality of the individual wearing them, and to make them its own creations.

Director: 高橋 佑次 (Takahashi Yuji)
Designer: 堀川 達郎 (Horikawa Tatsuro)

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