H.R 6 Designer interview
H.R 6 Philosophy and Notions

A designer interview project focusing on the creator's philosophy and behind the creation.

This time, we will be introducing a new brand H.R 6, which was started by the designer Nishida of DEVOA.

The high-quality work made with a concept of "To spend a comfortable and relaxing time in a private space" is based on a completely different concept but with the same fundamental philosophy as DEVOA.

Here is the full story of H.R 6.


The designer of DEVOA who is supported by core fashion freaks in Japan and abroad.

This time, he will launch H.R6, a new brand that offers lifestyle suggestions, making use of the experience and knowledge acquired at DEVOA.



He is the editor-in-chief, working mainly on the behind the scenes work.

He worked as a stage and advertisement photographer before joining the company in March 2019.



"The philosophy is based on a completely different concept but with the same fundamental philosophy as DEVOA."

--- How did H.R 6 start?

Originally, we had the idea of creating room wear and lifestyle items in parallel with DEVOA by changing the concept.

However, in my opinion, the room wear has to take into consideration various factors related to wearing such as durability and comfort.

We have to have a variety of options including stretch and durable fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as polyester but what I thought was to make it with natural fibers as much as possible.

In the process of developing the material, I was able to develop the material that matched my expectation and through repeated washing and drying tests, I was there finally able to obtain the comfortable feeling necessary to propose as room wear.

Being able to obtain a product that I was satisfied with in terms of durability was when I decided to propose it as a new brand.

--- When did you start thinking about the brand?

The plan itself has been planned for about 5 years.

However, since there was no suitable fabric that matched my idea, it was not realized until now.

It took more than a year to produce the fabric alone, including dyeing, processing and beginning spinning the yarn.

The patterns and sewing specifications were created through trial and error.

If you don't continue your strong will to "create a good piece of work”, it won't be able to take shape.

It was also a meaningful experience and a great learning experience for me in that I was able to recognize once again that the immutable products are very difficult.

5 years of planning. Mr. Nishida says that over the years, he has repeatedly tried and failed until now.

--- What is the relationship between DEVOA and H.R 6?

As the focus is different between the concept and the product, there is almost no relationship between the 2 but the sewing process and fabric development are the same.

It is made with thought and quality.

The pattern is completely different from DEVOA.

The main reason for this is that it is called room wear, which generally means "daily items used in private spaces".

For example, not only the size and pattern was thought for comfort but also the details such as the bag cloth of the pocket and the details required for the casual wear and the room wear are completely different.

The design, pattern and item structure are classic and we aim to produce products that are easy to understand with high quality.

The design, pattern and item structure are basic. Its simplicity makes it stand out for with its high quality.

---What is the difference between H.R 6 and the previous brand [stague one] that you have have deployed before?

The fundamental idea behind [stague one] is that H.R 6 was produced with a similar idea and [stague one] will be integrated into H.R 6 in the future.

We would like to propose new room shoes and socks that were also available in [stague one] to H.R 6 in the future.

"pursuit of comfort and comfort" This is the origin of the creation.

--- How did you perceive or create these room wear?

It is simply whether it is comfortable or not.

I think there are different styles of room wear as well as styles for going out.

I don't think it is suitable for everyone but I would be happy if it is a product that is simple and easy to spend relaxing time in.

For me, it was this casual form that embodied it so I designed my work to match that.

It is suggested as a room wear, but it is full of delicate attention that can be used when going out easily.

Pants are equipped with pockets. The inside is made of mesh and has a functional aspect.

--- I can see that it doesn't look like room wear when I go out lightly.

The H.R6 work is not made for wearing outside, but the pants have pockets and the jacket is not transparent, making it hard to see in room wear.

---Women's items are also available. What is your intention?

It's a very simple idea, but I didn't want to suggest a gender-specific way of looking at the work of H.R6 and trying it on.

It is the same reason that they are available in 4 sizes just like men's.

Regardless of age or gender, I would like people who are really interested in high quality products to get them.

One of the characteristics of H.R6 is that it can be enjoyed regardless of gender. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

--- I heard that you are going to make more collaborations in the future.

For example, as with the bending wood technology used in the pen case with STORIO, there are many areas in which I do not have sufficient knowledge in terms of materials and processing technology and I intend to create a product using a different approach from DEVOA, by making efforts to do what I can and by borrowing the skills of various craftsmen.

Collaborating with the best materials and the best technology, both in Japan and abroad.

--- How are you planning to develop H.R 6 in the future?

We will continue to expand the scope of our work.

Including the development of materials that have a better effect on the human body, we hope to produce simple sweats based on our own ideas.

However, we do not intend to develop too many works so we would like to carefully select and produce what we can offer.

I am not particularly satisfied with the current state of fabric development but I will continue my research with the aim of making better fabrics and I would like to take the time to create high-quality fabrics with people who support my ideas.

"What makes H.R 6 different and what is that the only H.R 6 can achieve?”, is the thought that we will continue to have to make efforts to create more in the future.

H.R 6