DEVOA designer interview
About 2021SS Collection
December 4th, 2020
"I personally feel that all the fabrics made by Faliero Sarti are special."

The fabric of Farielo Sarti who says "All Special" is produced several times this season.

I personally liked the silk fabric used for the swing top.

--Which fabric did you personally like or enjoy designing in this collection?

Each one has its own feelings, but if I had to name one, all the fabrics made by Faliero Sarti are special.

Many things are required for sewing expensive fabrics.
Subelements such as interlining and buttons are also required from the fabric to be suitable and the overall balance. As a brand and myself, I learn a lot from fabric every time.

In Japan, we have produced many items such as hood jackets, tailoring, CPO shirts, and pants made of cotton nylon.

Currently, between many soft fabrics the fabric has a slightly hard look, and satisfied with its lightness, breathability and durability.
It's a very detailed matter, this fabric made with different number of warps.
The mixture ratio of the fabric is the same, but the thickness and finishing process are different, so the contents of the product are changed accordingly.
The texture of the fabric is the same, but the surface finish has been changed, so it looks different.

This is a fabric that we want you to look forward to seeing the actual product.

Lastly, I would like to introduce a 100% silk fabric which has the most quiet atmosphere but I personally like.
The fabric is made of Amundsen fabric and has a very light and elegant luster, and has been sandblasted to reduce the luster.

As for the design, only the swing top is made, and the appearance is also calm, and it is a product that symbolizes this collection.

This is a spring and summer collection that expresses elegant casual.
The focal point of this item is the light color.

--- Looking at the look, the overall impression is that there are many casual styles. What is the point of this look's styling?

21 SS focuses on creating elegant and casual items.
As for the styling, I took pictures with a certain amount of margin.

--- The collection featured light colors such as beige and gray.
Please tell me the point of color and where you are particular about.

Although it is only a little, I am trying to create it with the connection between color and emotional expression in mind.
It is also the same thing about material choice.

I think I am imagining and looking for a feeling of calm and security.
I feel that such an inner part of me appears in the fabric and color.

The elegance in the feeling of absence. The range of expression that expands with the evolution of continuity.

This thin knit made of luxurious silk cashmere is one of this season's best items.

--- About the outer and top with a casual feel What did you do in the pattern to express them?

As for the pattern, I think that the exhibition is a presentation of the progress in the middle of the research, so there are some parts that have not changed based on the idea so far, and some parts that have been made and changed while considering the quantity, but I don't think I have done anything special as I feel.
But maybe I just don't feel changed because I think about all these things every day...
However, it is related to the design, but I think the size has changed a lot.

It has been 14 years since I started this brand.
I think the brand needs to evolve along with some changes.
Personally, I think that continuing is synonymous with continuing evolution, so I am currently trying to develop new products with comfort and a relaxed feeling.

This season, we have a variety of silhouette variations from the loose wide to the standard slim.

--- The pants are still made in various silhouettes.

The relationship between the design and the material is intuitive, so it is difficult to explain, but regarding the silhouette, including the length, I think people are more conscious of how to match with shoes.
I think we are now in an era when shoes are as casual, easy to wear and light as clothes.
As for shoes, I think that the part where leather sole shoes were not made this time had an influence on the design.
Personally, I like heavy products, so I will of course make shoes with leather soles in the near future.

The trend and inner side are projected on the design.

A work that seems to reflect the current state of the world. This item expresses the image of Nishida.

--- The hood part was also a conceptual item reflecting the world situation.

This is a personal expression of emotion, but during the production, the influence of the COVID19 was at an earlier stage, and we couldn't even decide what to do in an unpredictable world. (Now as I write this, there's not a lot of change.)

It's not a cool expression like a concept visual, I wanted to see the world, but I couldn't see anything, I wanted to communicate directly with people, but I couldn't, and I had to survive in a certain part of my life, so I put my clothes on and photographed this image.

The backpack with a fresh surprise uses German leather for a clean image.

--- DEVOA bags have an impression of thick and rustic design, but this collection of PC bags has a very clean impression from the feel of leather to the design.

At 21 SS, including clothes, the concept is casual, but there are many parts made with the image of an elegant product.
We chose the design and leather to match the product.

Sneakers are recommended for this season's shoes. The classic low-tech design is easy to coordinate.

--- Sneakers, especially low-cut ones, are very fresh. In addition, the sandal type shoes on the heels and had an impressive balance with lightness.

Regarding the design of sneakers, they are made by changing the wooden form 18ss a little.
Along with that, the sewing and the position of the cushion have been improved to make it better.

As for the sandal type shoes, the Goodyear process is used to make them as light as possible.
The sole is made by Vibram and has a casual lightness as a whole.

Finally ...

---You said that the fashion industry will change in the future.
How do you think it will change specifically?

I think that even if we think about it now, it is only an uncertain prediction.
In fact, as everyone understands, the wheels of business don't start turning until the vaccine is complete and has some effect, until the government certifies it so that it can live its previous social life.
I think this is a problem not only for the fashion industry but also for humanity.

The most boring and scary thing in my life is indifference.
It's about things, it's about people, it's about everything.
The current way of life is limited in what we want and feel, and we are living in loss.

I personally feel that a new life which is not my intention is a life to raise indifference.
This is the part that I want most to be restored not only to the producers, but also to the human society where we are simply influencing and acting on each other.
Including the our company staff, each of us is currently focusing on what we can do, but I think there are always some unknown concerns in our head that we have never felt before.
I feel like I'm watching a dream or a movie about a situation that I didn't even imagine until just 10 months ago.
However, I will continue to live happily now, and I will devote myself earnestly to the support of many people.

Dear customers who have been buying DEVOA for a long time, customers who purchased it recently, and readers who have read it to the end:
Usually we do not meet in person other than the buyer, but the DEVOA team (Sewers, fabric designers, buyers in Japan and overseas, our company staff) would like to express their sincere gratitude.
May your health and daily discoveries and actions turn into many smiles.