[Second Chapter]
Meaning and reason for creating art pieces

About art pieces that Mr. Nishida has been producing in parallel with DEVOA.

“Close to the sense that it defines the essence as a designer”, his artworks are expressed by integrating the philosophy and sense of him, as a designer.

He has held installations in Shanghai, Berlin, and Kyoto, and has also spoken about future prospects as well as continuing to create relations to DEVOA through his art.


Raised in Nagasaki Prefecture.

After working as a sports instructor, he founded the brand in 2005.

Patterns and high-quality manufacturing is based on his own experiences and knowledge, attracting the support of core fashion lovers from both Japan and overseas.

"Artworks are time-consuming and difficult to create because they have a freedom aspect approach, sort of a close to the feeling of when a child is playing with LEGOs."

---You have held exhibitions in both Japan and overseas, when did you first start creating your art pieces?

The first art piece I made was "Bone Extention” which was around 7 to 8 years ago.

It was an art piece using my medical science knowledge and leather that was used as the foundation and origin of DEVOA.

It was created by fusing the unique treatment of muscle structure and leather, which is used for fracture or bone extension.

I think that my medical knowledge, three-dimensional patterns, leather handling and more are included when expressing DEVOA products.

Since then, I have also created art pieces as a way of expressing ideas.

Currently, we carry out exhibitions only around once a year, for both in Japan and abroad.

Title : Bone Extention
Size : 87cm×40cm (diameter)
Made and inspired by the Bone extension surgery used in actual medicinal science. Shaped using leather.

---How and why did you start making art pieces?

DEVOA has always been a platform for me to challenge producing with philosophical ideas.

It is a trigger for me to think about what kind of expressions I want to show in the brand other than clothes.

---Are there any relationships between DEVOA clothing and the art pieces?

Some are related but others are not related to the clothes of DEVOA at all.

There are many art pieces that are made from materials like clothing.

With regard to the folding screens, Japanese traditional craftsmen are also making an effort to produce them which is a big help and great experience as it is something that DEVOA cannot do.

Although DEVOA is my own and is preceded by anatomic images, these art pieces give me a sense of training in manufacturing, since it is purely influenced by one's own sense.

I think that it is close to the sense of polishing the essence, as a designer.

Whether it is pottery, fresh flowers arrangement or folding screens, I think that the designer's sense is questioned for everything he creates.

An installation at the Gallery SUGATA in Kyoto 2018. Lined up are the art pieces produced so far.

©︎2018 Gallery SUGATA photographer LEN.

Title : Folding screen 6 folds of 1 set
Size : 280cm×80cm×6 sheets
Produced with the idea of ​​the original Japanese traditional style of wind as a new way of expression.
It was created with the concept of changing the viewpoint from the original meaning of preventing wind and visibility, affecting the space with size, colour and texture.

©︎2018 Gallery SUGATA photographer LEN.

Left side
Title : Neo Definition
Size : 144.5cm(vertical)×37.5cm(horizontal)×1.5cm(gusset)
A collaborative work with picture book writer Shinsaku Nagata.

Right side
Title : Neo definition A type
Size : 108cm(vertical)×28cm(horizontal)
Japanese paper is made by mixing four colours that can only be seen after drying. Horse leather does not get dyed by the old dyeing method as the dye does not penetrate the leather, giving an expression like an ink painting.
The gold ratio is used to express the uncertainty of colours and textures that can only be recognized when the product is produced.

©︎2018 Gallery SUGATA photographer LEN.

---Do you have the same feeling when you are making clothes?

The feeling of making clothes and the feeling of making the artwork seem to be similar but there are also many parts that are absolutely different.

In the case of clothes, there are certain dimensions that are fixed in place such as the jackets, but in the case of art, everything about the creation and the dimensions is absolutely up to you, it is difficult but fun with a sense of freedom.

Artworks are time-consuming and difficult to create because they have a freedom aspect approach, sort of a close to the feeling of when a child is playing with LEGOs.

Even after a piece is completed, I often think of adding or subtracting certain parts.

---It would also be a good opportunity for others to be introduced to DEVOA through your art right?

Above all, I will be more than happy if there was such an opportunity.

As I want others to judge the pieces I make, these art pieces made are where my thoughts are expressed, and getting to know DEVOA through that is my biggest expectation.

I have not made big promotions for DEVOA but I will be really glad if I could approach customers through my artwork and maybe from there, they will be interested in DEVOA as a brand as well.

My hope is to be able to hold my exhibitions once a year.

Title: Sashiko Coat
Works made for this installation.
Made of Mongolian cloth and Italian silk.

©︎2018 Gallery SUGATA. photographer LEN.

Title : Figure Garment
Size : 57.5cm(vertical)× 37.5cm(horizontal)×9cm(gusset)
When creating the pattern, it was built up like an insect's body balance and locked in a German insect exhibition box.
It is made 1/4 of the real size, it expresses and feels different depending on how you see it with your perspective.

©︎2018 Gallery SUGATA. photographer LEN.

1st left front side
Title : Hypothesis and evolution
Size : About 70cm(horizontal)×80cm(vertical)
A figure-sized pattern making that advocates the theory of evolution of the relationship between the human body and clothes.
Focus on the back muscles of the human body and express hypotheses and evolution through pattern making.
Made of leather and brass. The structure of the human body is expressed by the universe, expressing the balance of beauty and reason.

1st Right
Title : Providence
Size : About 80cm(vertical)×About 70cm(horizontal)
Only shell cordovan of the rear parts of 8 horses was used.
When cutting shell cordovan of 16 blocks (one block from the head and two blocks on the left and right), to create a single layer of cordovan, it has to be cut off instantly.

2nd Near side Title : Ambrotype photo
Size : 28cm(vertical)×22.5cm(horizontal)×4cm(gusset)
Bone extension Ambro-type photo representation.

©︎2018 Gallery SUGATA. photographer LEN.

---How would you like to connect your art pieces in the future?

My goal is to have a production exhibition at the National Art Museum.

That is because I want people to see the production site (fabric, sewing, etc.) and the way of thinking (part of the philosophy including the art piece) forming one brand.

A lot of people are engaged in clothes in particular.

Those who aim to become a fashion designer in the future or those who are in the apparel industry, detail work experience and thoughts on fabric and sewing, I want to show new discoveries to designers in each field and I will be really happy if it can help lead others in that direction.

---Is the goal to show fashion as part of art?

It is a completely different business but it is something I want to challenge myself as a designer.

I think the title of “designer” is given only to those who can make something that essentially touches people's minds.

For myself, that is something I work towards to every day as a designer.