Collection Review
RIPVANWINKLE 2021SS Collection
2/19. 2021.
"Coexistence of nostalgia and "now""

Baker Jersey Osmium Gray - RW-312

Random Ox Shirt - RW-306

I thought about how to describe the old design in words, but it was a collection that could be called a 'nostalgic' and this was the word for me.

There are other works that make you feel 'nostalgic', such as PARACUTE PANTS/RW-335, BAKER JERSEY/RW-312 in Baker design, PHOTO-T/RW-329, RW -330, and the taping snap RW-305/RW -306 that makes the sound of buttons.

Parachute pants, representative of nostalgic items. - RW-335

tactical vest - RW-322

Although it is certain that PARACUTE PANTS is an inseparable brand, it has not been developed for several seasons and has been revived just before the 50th collection.

Since there was no development of 20 SS and 20 AW, the 19 AW LAYERED PARACHUTE will be the last similar pants.

The look features a combination of black PARACUTE PANTS and the BJ SOLID BLOUSON NASU color for a sock layered look.

With the image of wearing the new tactical vest/RW -322 from above, it matches modern fashion.

The image of PARACUTE PANTS is a Champion collaboration baseball T and a combination of riders.

There were times when it was difficult to wear because the length was too long, and there were times when the fastener head was broken, but the RIPVAN WINKLE parachute pants that I wore were still an indispensable part of the brand.

Photo-T - RW-329

Photo-T - RW-330

There are other items that make you feel nostalgic.

A photographic T by Miyano who has been in charge of collection visual design for RIPVAN WINKLE for a long time.

Originally a brand that made a lot of photo T and print T, but with the passage of time, its existence has faded.

This is a great release not only for me but also for the generation who will feel nostalgic for the revival of the representative works of the brand.

The message "it is WHAT it is" is printed under the neck of the back, which says that daily life is always at your feet and is something that will continue in the future .... This item expresses the momentary scenery that everyone sees in daily life or while traveling by cutting it out from the microscopic viewpoint.

BJ Moto shorts Graphite - RW-314

BJ Moto shorts Nasu - RW-314

Design isn't the only thing that fits the term 'nostalgic'.
BJ TEC, which is nostalgic and up-to-date in terms of materials, is still alive and well.

In the look which appeared just now, BJ SOLID BLOUSON which changed the design of 20 AW SOLID DOWN JACKET to BJ TEC was introduced, and in addition, the pants which became a rare species in BJ TEC are introduced.

Its name is BJ MOTO SHORTS/RW -314.

This item has a jodhpurs-shaped silhouette so that it will fit nicely when worn with skinny jersey pants.
Compared to other brands, the fact that there are more people wearing shorts is a characteristic of the brand, but BJ Tech's pants are rare, and it looks like the attention will increase.

"The subtle 'detail' makes a difference."

Side Pocket T Black - RW-326

Side Pocket T White - RW-326

So far I have touched on the keyword nostalgic, but I would like to mention 'detail' which is indispensable for manufacturing in the final stage.

The newly added design is the pocket design that is used on many tops.
Whether it's L/S or S/S, it's good for storing masks and smartphones.

The SIDE POCKET-T from the 20 PRE AW was adapted to your needs, and in the 21 SS we have released a square patched pocket design of the SIDE POCKET-T/RW -326.
Other than that, I personally recommend LAYERED-T/RW -331 with different materials before and after. This item is made of broadcloth fabric and has a layered design with hidden pockets.
I am looking forward to seeing how you will respond to these new designs in the future.

"Attention is also paid to the use of 'Material' which is a mixture of old and new."

army jacket Black - RW-340

army jacket Coyote - RW-340

Let's touch the material. First of all, let me tell you about 'ripstop'

When it comes to rip-stop, it is made from the best material used in PARACUTE PANTS and RIDING PANTS. The ARMY JACKET/RW-340 made of this material is also recommended.

It is based on a 20 AW army jacket, but the front pockets on both breasts use fasteners that remind you of a mountain parka.

A shirt jacket type that can be worn casually.
This item is not as thick as an outer and not as thin as a shirt, but it has a collar so it has a mature look.

cropped pants - R+162

light Sal El Jersey - R+160

Another thing I'd like to introduce to you is Roku Yon Cross.
We have expanded the PRE's CROPPED PANTS/R+162 and CROPPED PANTS/R+160.

The weft is woven with cotton and the warp is woven with nylon, and uses a unique and elegant luster and comfortable quality.
This item is made of a material with a golden ratio that has improved breathability with cotton and has functionality that is resistant to wear with nylon and is comfortable to wear.
The use of overlock stitches on the front gives the brand a distinctive color.

Linen Jersey Riders - RW-316

Linen Jersey Shirt - RW-305

Linen Jersey Silling - RW-309

Linen Jersey Moto shorts - RW-337

Finally, I would like to introduce the material I personally used last year 'linen jersey'.
This is a linen jersey series made of original cotton linen stretch over dye that is a key word to talk about spring and summer.

LINEN JERSEY RIDERS/RW-316 20-21AW single rider design is developed with a different material. It has a high element as a light jacket. LINEN JERSEY SHIRTS/RW -305 is released with a simple design as a linen material for spring and summer shirts.
This is a pair of sarouel shaped cycling pants with a mature look from LINEN JERSEY CYCLING/RW-309. You can also enjoy a layered look with LINEN JERSEY MOTO SHORTS/RW-337.

Last year, we expanded our linen jersey pants and linen jersey riders (FAS-MEDIA Ohno's Clothing Item) to 4 items.

This is a 4 item number that you can fully feel the underlying theme of the brand 'We continue to advance the beauty of cutting, artistic material development and processing technology that we have cultivated so far, and propose the wardrobe that modern city dwellers need.'.

The color name is 'MATT BLACK'. It has more depth than ordinary black and makes you feel history.


Even though the times are changing, I think we still have the support of customers who are looking in front of us and customers who like brands all over the country who make reservations.
That's why we have a wide selection this time.

As always, there are plenty of pants available, so I would like you to style with the pants as the base.
I think jersey pants will be the mainstream in many cases, but I would like you to enjoy layering with shorts.
The top is slightly loose, so you can enjoy a fresh style.
Also, the presence of the osmium gray that has appeared in several items as a must-have season. This is the season's new color proposed by Ohno.
I want you to wear that color somewhere.

The staff of the company store and team RIPVANWINKLE are very cooperative.
This time, I was able to listen to the story of the collection carefully.
In this difficult era, what can I do in the genre of clothes?
For the first time in a few days or months that we can meet in a few months' time, I think it is my role to just get what we think is good and think about how to propose it and put it into practice.

2021SS Collection