Collection Review
RIPVANWINKLE 2021SS Collection
2/19. 2021.
"A well-balanced mix of military, work, sports and Artisan."

New SOLID L/S - R+157 made with cotton popper material for the last season.

Now, when I touched on the look, it became clear that the 21 SS will be developed with a refined silhouette as the center, with an original taste that specializes in military, work, and sports items, and with an artistic element.

The item number we would like to pick up is NEW SOLID L/S/ R+157, which uses cotton poppers that are the last to be available in the pre-collection.

This item is made of a high gauge knitted fabric with a mixture of dry thread and covered bare thread, and has a white stitch that looks great on the black color.
This long sleeve item has a completely new design and shows asymmetric sewing.
As this material is finally at the end, there is no doubt that it will be a memorable release.

The first keyword is 'asymmetry'

Standard Chino Black - R+158. shift trainer - R+156.

In the past, asymmetrical cut hems such as shift series, tornado series, and double dolman were introduced, but in the 21 SS collection, SHIFT TRAINER/R + 156 is represented, and cut-and-sew whose appearance changes depending on the angle is developed.

The SHIFT TRAINER/R + 156 is the item that expresses it the most.
By adding a pocket to one side in addition to the staggered stitching, this item has a completely new look that has never been seen before.
Combine that with something like STANDARD CHINO/R + 158 to create a brand-like look.

raglan seam L/S - RW-301

It is recommended to match this item with a pair of leather pants in the look.

The RAGLAN SEAM L/S/RW -301 is just one of many Asymmetric designs available.

There is also a HEAVY JERSEY L/S/RW -300 made of the same fabric, but this is a cut and sewn made of a new material called Delavé jersey, with a new color and asymmetrical design, and a pocket design that symbolizes the season.
In the look, it was introduced in the impressive LEATHER JEANS.
This item is available only in 2 colors, osmium gray and tactical khaki. I even felt a sense of integrity where there was no development of BLACK.

It is said that it took a long time to select this color.
That's why I thought it was a look with strong leather pants.
As you wear less like spring, the design of each item becomes more important. The item that follows the brand's world view that is necessary in such a period is fun to look at and even entertains me as a buyer.

layered hoodie - RW-303

Available in black and gray beige.

While the design decorates the front with 'rubberline', 'concealed fastener', and 'Sam Hall', the rock stitch on the back is arranged asymmetrically. The hem has slits for a layered look.
The front rubber line is designed to disappear along the way, making it visually new. This is a refreshing item with a pocket that is convenient for the season when you want to reduce your luggage.

The fact that the slit design is developed as a hoodie has caught the eye in this collection.
If the material is French terry, I think you would like to put it through the sleeves if you know.
You'll still feel cold in early spring, so you'll have an image of wearing a hoodie with less volume with outerwear.

This is a black shirt with white stitching on a black background and a gray beige that has properties that are exactly the opposite of black. This item is available in interesting colors as if you were imagining day and night.
I feel it's a hoodie that makes me enjoy my troubles.
We also recommend a skinny jersey of the same full-length material.

cross jersey vest - RW-332

This item is also available in black and gray beige.

We'd like to introduce you to CROSS JERSEY VEST/RW -332, since the key word is asymmetry.
This item is positioned as a midsummer item that can be used as a sleeveless item, but it also has an asymmetrical design.

I think there are many fans of the pants with cross design from the beginning, but it is sleeveless as if the cross design was brought to the top, and it can be worn as a vest with a cut-and-sew with sleeves.

Therefore, it is named VEST.

It is also recommended to set it up with CROSS SHORTS/RW -339 made of the same material.

Another keyword 'setup'


Asymmetry and the key words of this collection are 'setup'.

I focused on the key words that must be remembered in spring and summer of RIPVAN WINKLE.

In the look, this olive color set gives a vivid impression.

This is a setup of MA -1/RW -317 and CROPPED EASY PANTS/RW -310 using stitch number 0.
The 0 count yarn is a 3 count yarn twisted together to increase the 20 strength of the yarn.
This item is called a saddle stitch, but the elaborate stitching of each item is what makes this item unique to RIPVANWINKLE.

The look combined with the osmium gray dolman sleeves/RW -325 was also impressive.

When I saw these pants, I immediately felt the atmosphere of EASY PANTS, but the fact became clearer in the conversation.

If you look at this look and think of the work 'EASY PANTS' from over 10 years ago, you have a long association with this brand.
The motif that was so famous that it could be matched up with parachute pants, cycling pants, jodhpurs, etc. has disappeared quietly.
This CROPPED EASY PANTS is made with the original draw cord removed, the front zipper is not taken out, the length is set short, and the silhouette is finished in a modern style.


2021SS Collection