2020 Spring Summer Paris Collection Review
Photographer Inoue reviews the 2020SS Parimens Fashion Week from his own perspective
On the first day, I'll talk about GUIDI, The Viridi-anne, JULIUS, NILOS, Dimissianos & Miller

My name is Inoue, a photographer who joined FASCINATE in March 2019.

I have worked in stage photography and advertising photography previously and this time, I got the opportunity to attend the 20SS Paris Showrooms this year!
At the age of 20, I made my passport but for 10 years, I did not use it and this is the first time I have used it for my first overseas trip!
This time in Paris, we visited various showrooms with 6 members, Tokunaga and Kobayashi from FASCINATE, Momotani from The R, Takashima from .LOGY and Koyama from our new Nagoya branch which will open in August!
I hope that this review will give you more insight into the brands we have visited as well as maybe show you what I have felt and seen with my perspective.

We were in Paris visiting showrooms for 4 days.
This is a review of the brands we visited on the first day.

1.Variety of bag collection
2.Red color for the season
3.The neat shoe collection is the highlight
4.Beautiful gray in seasonal colors
5.Silver ring with twisted nail motif
6.This season's exhibition is a demonstration by craftsmen
7.Nylon and Leather Combination Bag
8.The deep black of the different material gives a classy feel

GUIDI / Country of origin : Italy

This Paris exhibition started at GUIDI I was looking forward to it as personally, I really like leather.
There was a dark path several meters after entering the entrance and the production landscape and sound of the craftsman projected from a distance.
As we walked through, the bright showroom with greens everywhere appeared in the high ceiling space with natural light and the distinctive leather scent of GUIDI welcomed us!
GUIDI has originally always had a wide variety of models, and this time it is no different as there were sandals and materials unique to spring and summer, as well as the ladies' collection.
Not only leather and linen but there was also nylon materials developed as bags.

GUIDI is also making jewellery now.
I felt that the rings and earrings with the nail motif of the brand are evolving year by year.
In the middle of the show, a demonstration of shoe-making by a parent and child craftsmen duo started and I was overwhelmed by the impressive showroom.

1.Local photo studio in showroom
2.The high ceiling light makes the collection stand out better
3.Some outer collections can be rolled up and hung over the shoulder like a bag
4.See-through outer wear

The Viridi-anne / Country of origin : Japan

The actual shooting studio was used as a showroom.
For me, I was familiar with the scene as there were equipment such as the back paper and the light stands, the reflection of the natural light and white light coming from the skylight at the ceiling height was really impressive in the space of the light and the way the collection was shown.
Every season, I pay a lot of attention to The Viridi-anne's outerwear, they released various outerwear such as ones that can be rolled up like a bag and hung on the shoulder, others that can be worn in various ways depending on the combination and the see-through specification with a water-repellent finish.

The seams on the back of the cut-and-sew are unique, giving a glimpse into the brand finished with a simple design.
It was overall a very stylish collection.
I highly look forward to The Viridi-anne's 20 SS collection, which sublimates the philosophy of designer, Okaniwa-san!

1.2020 SS Collection
2.A shirt with a print on the back
3.Calm colors stand out this season
4.Art objects placed everywhere
5.Natural texture

JULIUS / Country of origin : Japan

JULIUS had a fusion of nature and contemporary art this time.
They had an atmosphere that sets it apart from the recent digital collection.
Classic black, not only yellow but also natural calm earth colour caught my eye.
The image looks like a natural, relaxed oversized silhouette and bold prints were arranged in organic material.

The shoes have a new sole and the items, of course, has a comfortable wear.
The exhibition space laid out works of art and it had a sophisticated atmosphere, it demonstrated the depth of expressiveness of JULIUS, which is different from the underground.

1.A wide variety of cut-and-sew items
2.A distinctive bag
3.Unique shoes of NILOS with each color brand
4.Impressive dynamic design
5.See-through outerwear with a sheer print for an impact

NILOS / Country of origin : Japan

When you go down from the JULIUS floor, the natural atmosphere changes completely.
The completely amusing painted space and the closed under the ground space was very attractive.
The vivid yellow colour and the graphics different from the JULIUS prints are a must-see.
The print only on the back of the pants is impressive.
In the see-through outerwear, the graphic is seen through, showing not only the design but also the technical aspect.

Bags, shoes and other small items have their own characteristics every season but they still have a strong presence at 20 SS.
This is a collection which you can feel the interpretation of NILOS expressing NEO STREET.

1.Luxury shoe brands
2.Leather boots in brightly colored mottled colors
3.The color of sandals is mainly black and white
4.Unique wire layout

Domissianos & Miller / Country of origin : Greece

Close to the JULIUS showroom was Domissianos & Miller, a Greek footwear brand founded in 1948. This is a new brand we will start handling from the 20SS collection onwards!

While there is a sense of calmness, the designer had a playful spirit as she worked on the wires and laying out in a cylindrical object suspended from the ceiling.
We picked out mainly sandals.
Authentic products can be felt when a brand has a solid manufacturing and design unique to leather, the solid manufacturing that embodies the comfort if highly present in this new brand and we are looking forward to have them in our shop next season.

There were many big names we went to see on the first day.

Although out group was split into 2 groups, I was able to see these 5 brands.
Every brand had a collection that showed their identity and it was a very exciting first day for me!
After a day of work, Kobayashi and I went out to get burgers and it felt like a fulfilling day of work!

Incidentally, I was wearing lace-up leather boots which were not suitable for hard shooting, that really taught me a lesson to bring better shoes next time, lol.

On the second day, I'm going to talk about 11BY BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,BORIS BIDJAN SABERI,nude:masahiko maruyama,iolom,DEVOA,ISAAC SELLAM,individual sentiments,Bergfabel.