Collection Review
Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO 2020SS Collection

Mihara Yasuhiro was born in Nagasaki, Japan in 1972. He entered the Textile Department, Department of Design, Tama Art University.

He started to make shoes on his own in 1994 when he was a student and in 1996, with the backing of shoe manufacturers, he established "archi doom". After graduating from university in 1997, he changed his name to "Miharayasuhiro" marking the beginning of the collection brand.

Not only shoes but also playful clothes with an idea that is not bound by the existing frame and design work, he has a deep devotion that are the themes of the design and his designs continues to attract attention in Japan and overseas.



He is mainly in charge of the buying process for the brand Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO, ATTACHMENT, KAZUYUKI KUMAGAI, and more

He is based in ANNASTESIA and works as a media editor while working as a sales representative.。




An exhibition review of the 2020 SS (spring and summer) collection from the unique viewpoint of each FAS-GROUP buyer.

.LOGY KYOTO Buyer, Takashima will share his thoughts about the Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO's exhibition hall and the contents of the collection.

-- The theme of the 2020 SS is "JUSTED ERROR = Normalized Mistakes" --

Left (1st): Pants with a checkered shirt docked together and drawcord tied like a bow tie.

Right (2nd): Styles arranged in a gray tone. The layered style based on the street is the center of this season.

The theme of the 2020 SS collection is "JUSTED ERRO = Normalized Mistakes"

I spoke with an assistant designer about this seemingly contradictory theme and what it meant.

「"Originally, the word “ERROR" was used but in modern society, more and more people are living a mechanical life, so Mihara thought that “Isn't the human, not the machine, that causes the error?” and that really set up the theme this time."

I had the impression that they viewed modern society as "a time when people are crazy" and organized their collection through filters such as psychedelic, techno and hippie culture. They cut sharply into the heavy themes of problems in modern society and put it into a collection in the colour of Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO.


-- A design that uses a lot of docking and switching that has continued the trend of the last two seasons --

Left (1st): Denim and camouflage panelled tops and a mix of military elements in the collection stand out.

Right (2nd): Catchy motif used as an inner garment and a work coat is worn over it to create a mixed look.

Left (1st): Spring/summer collection with checkered textile everywhere. Various techniques were used.

Right (2nd): A sleeveless blouson docked from the top as a key item that clearly shows the direction of this season's creation.

Looking at the items, there were many items that continued the trend of the docking and changeover design that was used a lot in the last 2 seasons, there were many works that had 3 ~ 4 patterns in one item.

The technique of mixing different tastes, textiles, or cultures into a single piece of clothing has been common in the last few seasons and many of the pieces, such as jackets, blousons, and coats deform into bags (docking of bag and outer), are elaborate and require actual wearing of the sleeves in order to understand how they really work. I think it was an interesting collection that made people smile.

It can be said that the modern and innovative creation with various elements in a good balance shows its full swing next season.

-- Items inspired by old clothes will also be part of the collection --

Left (1st): Military pants inspired by old clothes from the Czech army, with a superb ZIP balance. Check out the detailed reproducibility.

Right (2nd): Overalls, which were often used in collections along with military pants were inspired by military items.

Mr. Mihara, who is well versed in used clothes, often gets inspiration for designs from used clothes “Amekaji (American Casual) ", but this time there were many items inspired by used clothes of "Europe" and there were many items with a fresh aspect.

For example, military pants and overalls, which are available in various collections, are items were reproduced from the pants of the Czech army.

As it is one of the key items in the collection, I am paying attention to this series myself and the details such as fabric and ZIP inspired by these used clothes.

-- Recommended works that strongly reflects the collection theme and direction --

Left (1st): This striking blouson expresses the spectators of the legendary outdoor festival Woodstock with photo jacquard.

Right (2nd): Pop image with strong contrast using strong cultural motifs.

This item combines a shirt and jacket. The genre-less item represents the characteristics of the next season.

Personally, we would recommend a coat or blouson made of original jacquard denim, a top that can be worn in 3 different ways with JKT and a top that can be worn asymmetrically on the left and right sides, the shirt looks as if it could be worn together when the spectators making noise at the large-scale outdoor festival "Woodstock Festival" held in the United States in 1969.

The former is a work that boldly uses photographs that seem to convey the enthusiasm of the venue at that time, it is a work with a brilliant sense that uses a strong cultural motif and blends it well with the season theme. The latter is characterized by details that strongly reflect the direction of recent creation.

These are highly original works that strongly reflect the theme and direction of the collection.


-- Popular sneakers, new collaboration items, etc. --

Left (1st): A sneaker collaborated with diskunion, is another topic this season

Right (2nd): On the other hand, the straight logo design give s fresh MIHARA-like feel

Of course, existing models will continue to be released are still available. Available in a wide variety of colours from standard to unique.

A must-have for the Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO collection are the sneakers that have exploded in popularity since their release last year.

In the next season, in addition to the existing models, there are new models and new lineups of new processing, collaboration items have increased the range of options for customers as well. Above all, I am looking forward to new products coming up!

As for original sole sneakers, we are planning to release attractive lineup such as overdye models and sequin model using the same sole and collaboration items with record shop "diskunion", etc., we would like you to pay attention to the trend after next season which has the adoration of underground culture as 1 theme.

-- Snippet about the next season's orders --

The jacket that is docked with a shirt is a highly recommended item.

Catchy colours and straight logos for a layered look. This chaotic design is unique to MIHARA.

Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO has a powerful runway lineup and I think it will leave a strong impression on customers, I have picked up attractive items based on the look books as well.

In addition to that, I think there are people who are first-timers to Miharayasuhiro or who want to use these items as a one-point item so we will be ordering a mix of items that you can mix with other items.

The top is a shirt docking jacket that can be worn in 3 different patterns.

As the name suggests, there is a check shirt on the inside of the jacket, I think it is interesting as you can wear it in a variety of ways, such as putting the shirt outside or letting the sleeves hang down like a stole.

We also have shirts, parkas, T-shirts, and other items that are easy to try with a docking design that is unique to Miharayasuhiro.

You can enjoy mixing and matching these overalls. The high level of detail in this piece is really not to be missed.

The bottoms are overalls inspired by vintage old clothes of the Czech army.

The zip is used abundantly and the finish is full of military taste which is rare for Miharayasuhiro, I think it will be a good accent when you wear light pieces in spring and summer.

Left (1st): Overdye series from next season. Black has a virulent atmosphere that has never existed before.

Right (2nd): The yellow colour is one that I personally recommend as it has a hazy colour that is easy to use.

The popular sneakers were the original overdye sole sneakers which had a good atmosphere.

This is a new processing series of sneakers and it's made from canvas fabric, I recommend it as it has an atmosphere of uneven colouring and personally, I highly recommend the yellow.

--Finale --

Personally, I want those who have never worn Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO before to try it first and I want them to know how interesting this brand really is.

We have shirts, parkas, T-shirts, and other items that are easy to try with a docking design that is unique to Miharayasuhiro.

Adding such items to your styling and experience the change of appearance will be an interesting styling experience.

During the 20 SS season, the flow of the streets seems to have calmed down a little but I think that Miharayasuhiro has a strong collection and item structure that accelerated the flow of the last several seasons.

Mihara himself proclaims that "It's no use making normal clothes." but I think he has a line-up of clothes and shoes that are really one of a kind and has never existed in other brands.

As you can see from looking at the clothes, even the detailed design backed by vintage old clothes is stuffed with "Mihara's sense of fun”, I think it is a collection that makes you smile just by looking at it. I would like for our customers to actually see the products and experience how interesting they are!

Please check out and look forward to the next season's Maison MIHARAYASUHIRO!

2020SS Collection Look Book