2020 Spring Summer Collection Review
D.HYGEN 2020 SS Collection

We reviewed the domestic exhibition of the 2020 SS collection of D.HYGEN.


D.hygen has for concept「「STRAINISM」= linked to the concept of tension principle.」under which their products are made with a basic style disassembled and reconstructed.

And making them into "real clothes" that have a very beautiful and unique aspect. The leather is tailored according to a special technique, to which metal parts are added to create this industrial, cold and hard impression that make the uniqueness of these products.


The collection's theme is "carbonization-carbonization phenomenon"

The 2nd part of the collection, which started with the 19 Spring and Summer Collection, focused on the heat of flames, different from the previous "permafrost" and expressed the way organic substances were transformed by the heat and the tension of the charcoal fire burning in various ways such as colours, details and processing, which has been very impressive.

--Fabrics with a clear theme--

The season's coloured charcoal khaki, which was used everywhere in the collection in the image of a plant that burns when heated, was a dirty colour dyed with a cold dye and used in pants, cardigans and cut sews.

Also, in this collection, there are many works in various colors, and especially, charcoal was often used.

This was also a choice of colors according to the theme.

--Impressive coloring and coating--

What was impressive about the material was the embossed fabric that reproduced the texture.

The new leather, developed jointly with the Leather Creator Team and the noisy-looking fabric, which was washed after coating to reveal rough unevenness and cracks, were also very themed.

Every season we use a sophisticated material but this season we are developing a material with a higher theme, and there are many materials with a strong idea.

Another impressive work was a jacket made of fabric dyed by a craftsman in Kyoto using traditional techniques.

It is a piece of work to look forward to until it is completed because it is dyed by hand and the dyeing method is very unique.

Also, the item with a coating on denim or linen and the jacket that made for the first time with an outdoor taste, are also not to be missed.

--Collection with a good link between season themes and brand concepts--

Many pieces were easy to wear as there were many light ones overall, but personally we liked it very much because it depicted the dignified and decadent atmosphere of D. HYGEN while using such materials.

Some of them were impressive, and though they were not showy, they had a strong presence and their originality came out well.

Range of expression increases as the season goes on.

While maintaining the base atmosphere, items with a slightly different atmosphere will expand the range of coordination and we hope you will look forward to the 2020 SS collection.

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