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Designer Daisuke Nishida Special Interview
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Designer interview on approaching source of creation
The Viridi-anne : Tomoaki Okaniwa

To celebrate the relocation of .LOGY KYOTO to the new store, the designer of The Viridi-anne, Tomoaki Okaniwa, was interviewed by staff Takashima of .LOGY KYOTO.

The Viridi-anne celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year.

We will be hearing a lot about Mr. Okaniwa's career, philosophy, outlook and new brand DUELLUM.

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Designer interview on approaching source of creation
KLASICA : Designer Interview
Source of Creation and 2022 SS COLLECTION "GLANCE"

A designer interview that focuses on the creator's thoughts and approaches the back side of creation.

This time, from KLASICA, which is handled at ANNASTESIA Nagoya shop, we are interviewing the designer Mr Kohei Kawamura for his time to conduct a three-part interview.

In this third session, we get closer to the source of Mr Kawamura's creations and hear his thoughts on the 2022SS COLLECTION "GLANCE", which will start delivery in January.

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2021SS collection
RIPVANWINKLE 2021SS Collection Review
LOGY kyoto Buyer : Kenzo Yasuda

FAS-GROUP Collection review from the buyer's unique point of view.

This time, we are sending the opinion of the Kyoto buyer, Yasuda, about RIPVAN WINKLE's 2021 SS collection.

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Look Book
Latest Collection Delivery
RIPVANWINKLE 2020SS Collection

As for the theme of 2020 Spring and Summer, designer Mr. Ono said at the exhibition, "Basically, there is no season theme but in addition to the military and sporty themes that RIPVANWINKLE has always done, 2020 SS added some work elements to the collection."

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