Kimiko Inoue was diagnosed with ALS in August 2019.
This project aims to provide financial support to Kimiko, who is fighting against ALS, and to realize her will to leave a mark on the world ,through creative activities.

About ALS

Kimiko Inoue


ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a disorder in which the muscles of the hands, feet, throat, tongue, and the muscles necessary for breathing are unable to transmit signals, making it impossible to move the body.

Because motor nerves are affected rather than muscles, vision and hearing are preserved. The number of patients in Japan is about 9200.

It is a designated intractable disease of unknown origin with no established treatment.



Kimiko and Kiyoharu

On July 7,2019, Kiyoharu visited the hand craft brand "SEVEN SENCE" by Kimiko Inoue, introduced by Mr. Momotani, a staff member of the apparel shop "The R" in Osaka.

Kimiko, who had already felt that something was wrong with her body, was scheduled to be hospitalized for an examination the next day.

Despite the daily fear , you could still feel her cheerful and positive personality, making Kiyoharu want to do what he could for her. That is how their interaction began.

Charity item

Release of necklace as a collaboration item between "SEVEN SENCE" and Kiyoharu.
We will also be selling triple collaboration T-shirts by "SEVEN SENCE" , The R and Kiyoharu.
We will use all of the sales excluding the manufacturing cost as a support fund for Kimiko.

Dogtag Necklace
Closs Necklace
Closs Necklace
Dogtag+Closs Necklace 購入特典あり
Dogtag+Closs Necklace
¥50,000 / Purchase Privilege Set
Dogtag+Closs Necklace 購入特典あり
Dogtag+Closs Necklace
¥39,000 / Regular set
Dogtag+Closs Necklace 購入特典あり
SEVEN SENCE × Kiyoharu × The R collaboration T-shirt

KIMIKO-ALS FUND-online event

To celebrate the release of the collaboration item , we will be holding and online event with Kimiko and Kiyoharu.


2020/7/26 (Sunday) 17:00 scheduled time for online broadcast

Broadcast platform:

Kiyoharu Youtube channel

Kiyoharu Youtube channel

Those who are not channel members can also watch it.

KIMIKO-ALS FUND-online event

Special benefit for customers who purchased Dog tag&Cross necklace set

As a privilege for the first 15 customers who purchased SEVEN SENCE and Kiyoharu collaboration item as a set, you can talk with Kiyoharu at "ZOOM" after the delivery of the online event.

*Due to time constraints, Zoom conversation will be limited to one minute per person.

*We will be holding Zoom conversation individually.

*We will inform you how to use ZOOM and the details of the day separately.