Jacket Mother Goose Down / Charcoal Print

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Cotton 100%[Main fabric] 
Polyester 100%[Lining] 
Goose Down 90%Feather 10%[Batting] 
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Collection 17-18AW
handling-store FASCINATE, Umeda - E-ma
Lining With lining
Elasticity No elasticity

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The maker has requested that we do not upload the price and measurements of the items. If you would like to know the price and measurements of the items, please email us from [Call for Price] or start a chat with us from the Chat on the bottom right hand corner. We will send you the price sheet and purchase link for the items you inquired.

DEVOA 2017-18 Autumn Winter Collection.
The surface fabric warp of this mother goose down jacket is black, and the weft is black and ecru to create a twisted yarn on this serge formation. It has a sumi dyed print on this pure black fabric. With time the fabric will get a shadowy impression, so you can enjoy its transformation. The silhouette is a bit long compared to previous down products, until the buttocks. The elbow and side panel parts have thinsulate batting for a nice silhouette and warmth at the same time. The way to close it, without fastener or snap buttons but with Fedlock's magnet hook is very interesting. To me, this is the coolest down piece I have seen until now. I personally loved the texture, silhouette, and balance so I highly recommend it.

* Additional images of this item can be viewed on our blog entry, 「DEVOA Jacket Mother Goose Down Style


Made in Japan

About DEVOA 
Designer: Daisuke Nishida 
Concept: Our research starts with the understanding of the natural human body movements. DEVOA constructs of pattern toward movement of skin, muscle, and frame for an action. Human body keeps evolving and degenerating which are one and indivisible as the ages go by. We express clothing based on hypothesis and the theory of evolution which DEVOA interprets.

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