Horse Leather High Neck Jacket

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Saddam Teissy 2017 Spring Summer Collection.


Explanations regarding the design and details

The fastener is a Zin Zipper from WALDES. The fastener is inspired by the animals spine, and shows the concept of the brand SADDAM TEISSY, 「STRAINISM」. The metal parts are original elements by SADDAM TEISSY. The waist pocket has a decorative metal plate, an original hook on the sleeve hem, and the fastener handle too is an original part. The original parts were cut from steel and made on this design. Offset curve front fastener and high neck design. When the neck is completely closed, it is made so that it does not look like a cylinder or gibbs with the round and smooth front collar, making a great design point even looked at from the back or the side. When the front is open, the left area of the collar has a flowing line and a sharp pattern on the right part, a design showing many different impressions depending on the way you wear it. The back has a clear neck line and an oblique switched part line linked to the sleeves line down to the sleeve hem, drawing a great curve. The neck oblique and line make a nice collar and neck for a beautiful back neck style. The front panel draws a S line toward the hem. The line is a tight silhouette jacket, but the design is thought not to lose the manly feeling from this piece, and has a nice waist shape line.
The pocket can be used in 2 different ways.
1-Using the fly front dot buttons and take them off to put your hand in the pocket from above.
2-Closing the dot buttons, open the side fastener and use them as side pockets.
The oblique fastener taking a great importance is one of the points of the front design. The sleeves have action pleats on the elbow, giving great mobility to the arm. Also when you move your elbow, the action pleats create a nice point to the design. The hem line is turned toward the back with a round side and a beautiful back style line construction. The thread for the sewing usually used for leather items is a glossy filament, but it does not have a good effect on the horse leather harshness and glossiness impression, so SADDAM TEISSY has chosen to use spun threads for all its leather creations (looking like sewing used for usual clothes). The number of stitches is usually 8 or 9 per 3cm for leather items, but the items from SADDAM TEISSY have 11 or 12 stitches per 3cm, creating a beautiful stitches line.


Explanations regarding the leather used

This horse leather from Europe was tanned in Himeji, Japan with a chrome tanning first, then 90% of the chrome was taken off the leather and had a vegetable tanning, making a great combination with the chrome. You can enjoy this leather aging with the strong points of a chrome tanning and the great leather feeling from the other tanning. The unique finishing was made by the designer himself, showing the harshness and colors of the horse leather, and a nice relief impression. We cannot reveal the processes used in details, but this kind of relief cannot be obtained by simply moistening it. To obtain this relief impression, it had a unique process, then had a drying and after that it had a special blend wax applied to it and each item was polished. As you wear it, the wax in the leather will create a glossiness and wrinkles with time and use that will depend on your movements and way to use it. The leather has a thickness of 1.0mm.


Explanations regarding the lining

The body lining is made with a 100% hemp ramie fabric. Even if the temperature goes up, you can wear a thin cut-sew inside of this ramie material, without getting stuffy. This ramie fabric was dyed by artisans in Okayama prefecture which has the most important number of sunny days in the year. It was dyed using traditional techniques, and this fabric passed through a sunlight drying. The sunlight gave it a nice wrinkle feeling. The sleeves lining is made with a 100% Cupro fabric, so that it is easy to take this piece off.


1. Horse Leather
2. Ramie 100% [Lining]
3. Cupra 100% [Sleeve Lining]

SIZE (cm)

Size Shoulder Pit to pit Length Sleeve
1 42 48 65 64
2 43 50 67 65.5

Model : 168cm 57kg Wearing Size 1

Made in Japan

Designer:not made public
SADDAM TEISSY has for concept「「STRAINISM」= linked to the concept of tension principle.」under which their products are made with a basic style disassembled and reconstructed. And making them into "real clothes" that have a very beautiful and unique aspect. The leather is tailored according to a special technique, to which metal parts are added to create this industrial, cold and hard impression that make the uniqueness of these products.

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