Fine Chain Spring Ring

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Fine Chain Spring Ring-Silver-Free
Color: Silver
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This necklace with a charm on top that can be detached from the ring. By using the charm spring part you can make the length of this necklace shorter.

Made in Germany

Jewelry should embellish the people in its original meaning. Consequently, jewelry should underline the handsomeness of the person wearing it by adding ornamental details. Jewelry can be obvious, 0t to impose or be unpractical, but by being worn naturally and comfortable at all times. Making jewelry in an integrated way means to put passion, endurance, and skill in to the pieces you work on. It is absolutely necessary to take the time for that because luxury these days is 0t only the choice of precious materials, but for all the time devoted to finished a piece. Every single piece we make will be reflecting the love and labor put into it. It`s surrender for small details, sometimes only discovered on second sight, that turns jewelry into something emotional and valuable. It will affect through minimalism and the choice of material - sterling silver, leather, or gold. Our pieces express themselves through well balanced proportions combined with a vivid surface. These unforeseen irregularities, which for example appear by hand hammering a ring, are appealing by their vibrant charisma.<

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