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The leather sneaker brand suncore from Tokyo started in the 2019 spring/summer season.
The leather sneakers are made using the design of leather shoes with functionality and comfort.
It uses waterproof nylon, water-repellent suede, and reflectors to handle bad weather and increase visibility.
In order to improve ease of putting on and taking off, the structure of the opening and elastic strings are used.
It is produced in a factory in Asakusa, Tokyo, where young shoemakers are mainly engaged.
This is an up-and-coming brand that takes on the challenge of creating new things while inheriting passed down technologies.
This brand continues to manufacture and transmit products for the next generation. It is a brand that has a comfortable fit based on technology, functionality and design.

■Origin of the brand name
As the name suggests, suncore means the core of the sun.
The sunlight that shines on all living things, including us humans, and the world. The core of the sun is the driving force that keeps producing light (energy).
For us humans, it is our feet that generate energy when we act. The brand thinks that the shoes that support both feet and the energy are the core of the human(son).
Those who hold their work will feel the definite heat they generate.
They can share the feeling of constant light in their daily lives. People who have walked in their work can go far and be active for a long time.
Their goal is to create such products. It is usually written as "Solar Core", but instead of "solar", "c" in the core is replaced with "°C", which is the symbol of temperature notation, and "sun °Core" is used to reflect the amount of heat.

Production Area: Japan

Handling Store : .LOGY Kyoto

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