RONDO.ym Distributor Agreement

Based on the philosophy that values of the work process, this brand, RONDO.ym, is characterised by the excellent original design and high-quality materials as well as sewing, patterns and work creation with all the elements that make up the craftsman's technology and work.

Experienced in made-to-order, the unique patterns along with the craftsman's technology helps create unique pieces of remade Japanese kimono with different patterns.

The designer has been familiarised with the Kimono since childhood. Regardless of age and aesthetics, the designer has collected many Kimono designs. All works are carefully created one by one as the Kimonos are dismantled and then reconstructed, taking into consideration the texture, pattern, fabric and material. Creating these pieces are very time consuming and labour intensive as well.

It is not a cycle of remake or recycling. The brand name RONDO.ym comes from the word Rondo which means a 'round dance', the 'ym' is the initials of the designer.

The designer does not want to disclose his identity as his concept is the person wearing his clothes will be the lead in his own story.RONDO.ym has proposed a new style that incorporates modern elements while taking advantage of the traditional Kimono atmosphere that has been around for a long time.

Designer: Information not made public
Production Area: Japan

Handling Store : FASCINATE Osaka Kitahorie

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