Ground Y Marilyn Monroe Distributor Agreement

Ground Y official retailer online store product list page of Marilyn Monroe(cut sew, wrapped pants). Ground Y, which has a genderless and ageless style, featuring items from the collection collaboration with Marilyn Monroe's photography.

Designer : Yohji Yamamoto
Production Area : Japan

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The R & .LOGY Kyoto Christmas Gift (Hat & Belt)

The R & .LOGY Kyoto Christmas Gift (Hat & Belt)

The R & .LOGY Kyoto Christmas Gift (Hat & Belt)

Today we will introduce hats and belts recommended as Christmas gifts from (11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi, PHENOMENON, kiryuyrik) which are for sale at The R (Osaka Minami Horie store) and (Ground Y, Y-3) which are for sale at .LOGY (Kyoto store). How about giving a useful item that would be frequently needed as a present to someone who always helps you?

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