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With delicate and light materials as well as precise details, even worn easily the creations look very beautiful and have some presence and a pleasant mature feeling with their design. Mixing artistic and musical elements, using runways, images and installations for their collection. In 2002, creation of METAL BURGER inc., opening of the flagship shop in Nakameguro.| In 2006, first appearance at the 2006 AUTUMN-WINTER Tokyo collection. In 2007, the name was changed into「Venom」and had a renewal opening. |In 2012 April, participation as a designer at the MEN'S FASHION WEEK 2012 SINGAPORE. In 2014 January, First presentation during the 2014 AUTUMN-WINTER Paris Men's collection.

ジThis brand is a very popular Japanese brand, and their sneakers for example are worn by Justin Bieber.

「DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN 」products are available in the Osaka shop and Nara shop of The R.

Contact us : 06-7494-6032

Designer: 深民 尚 氏(Hisashi Fukatami)
Production Area: Japan

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