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Damir Doma is a fashion brand based in France · Paris. Damir Doma, a native of Croatia was raised in Germany and is the founder and designer of his own brand. He studied at the design school in Munich, Germany and Berlin, and since 2004 he went over to Antwerp in Belgium. After having experienced as an assistant under "Dark Sean Berger" "Rough Simmons", in 2006, he launched a brand under his own name, and debuted in Paris' men's collection. In the late 2010s, he announced his ladies' collection. His creative brand became a hot topic from the beginning of his collection and Damir Doma became one of the newest brands that attracted the most attention in Europe. Modern masculinity in the avant - garde silhouette, there is a feminine feature in his designs. On the other hand, they are designs that can be worn simply without putting in any effort. It is said that the sophistication and designs that can be seen in his work were a result of his commitment and attention to detail to all his collections. The flow, voluminous, layers and soft tailoring techniques are fully utilized to express the thoughtful, delicate and sensitivity of the brand.

Designer: Damir Doma
Production Area: Italy


Handling Store : FASCINATE Osaka Kitahorie

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