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by H. New York was created in 2013 by Henry Lee after working for INAISCE. By H. is not influenced by the trend, and is focused on an elegant and avant-guardist design.

This season by H. collection has many different technique patterns, they experienced many patterns to find new techniques. Among these newly discovered techniques, the H seam is a new great detail from the brand, and an iconic pattern work from now.

This season's collection is focused on newly developed fabrics. They worked with a company developing special fibers to make new materials. Among these new fabrics there is a very special one made with recycled oyster. There are also ramie, brushed cotton, washed cotton, and viscose blended fabric in the new collection.

「by H. New York 」products are available in the Osaka shop and Nara shop of The R.

Contact us : 06-7494-6032

Designer: Henry Lee
Production United States

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