ACRONYM  Distributor Agreement

ACRONYM is a fashion brand based in Berlin, Germany.
Founded in 1995, the brand's designer is Errolson Hugh, and he and his partner Michaela Sachenbacher have been presenting collections since 2002.
The brand features items with military, outdoor, sports, and street tastes and functionality, such as GORE-TEX fabrics, while at the same time creating a fashionable atmosphere.
Since Errolson Hugh is an advisor to GORE-TEX, he always uses the latest materials, and all items are made of "the best, most innovative and functional materials necessary to realize the concept."
The clothing incorporating innovative technology and materials is the "ultimate travel wear for adults" that can cope with harsh environments.

Designer: Errolson Hugh
Production Area : Germany

Handling Store :
The R Osaka Minamihorie .Logy Kyoto

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