Today, as for yesterday, we will present you a coordinate using Yohji Yamamoto items.

The item used today is from the last delivery we had. A sleeve cut-sew with a button on the front that can be used many ways to create different designs and used as the main piece of this coordinate.

Yohji Yamamoto always makes complex layered items very pleasant to enjoy, and for Summer you can create a very nice impression with only a T-shirt and wide pants.

We highly recommend this for people who love Yohji Yamamoto and for people who have just started and would wish to discover it more.

Wearing Items



Oblique Panel Long Sleeve



Cotton Fedora Hat

The model is: 174cm / 52kg.   Wearing T-shirt Size 1. Pants and Shoes are personal items./p>

This long sleeve T-shirt piece used as a main here has a button that can be used to create a drape impression on the front.

While being simple it is a great item for Summer coordinates, and very easy to use in various styles.

By changing the way you use the button it can create different length and makes a nice match with the pants and the way you wish to show your style.

The hat was already presented in a previous blog and is a fedora hat made with cotton denim. This material makes possible to wear this cap even during summer for a nice touch to your Summer style.

The bag is GUIDI's Q10 Bag. It was available in 5 different colors for this season, but the GRAY color is the last one left in stock.

It may look small at first, but it has more space than what it may look like and the shoulder belt is really a nice accent to any coordinate.

Personally when I wear Yohji Yamamoto I often where this kind of small shoulder bag. It can be used below an outer, so it is also a nice piece to create an oversize silhouette.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate, we will be happy to help you.

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