The days have been really chilly these days with strong winds, we hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves! 


Even though it is still cold outside, we would like to introduce a Yohji Yamamoto simple early spring style ! 

We have many other brands that have already arrived with spring items and our shop is full of spring like pieces so do drop by if you are around!


Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 01

Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 02

Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 03



Items Used


Yohji Yamamoto

Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Product Code: HW-T04-072-off-white

Size 3



Yohji Yamamoto

Side Tuck Pants

Product Code: HW-P18-019

Size 2



cornelian taurus

Hone Punch Shoulder

Product Code: co13sstp100a-Black

Size Free




Bison Leather Belt

Product Code: BLT0

Size Free



The model is : 174cm / 52kg


Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 04

Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 05

Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 06

Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 07

Yohji Yamamoto Side Tuck Pants Style 08

It is a relaxed and simple styling with a wide cropped, sneakers, basic cut sew with a belt and bag as accents.

Although the collection of Yohji has many eye cathcing items, there are also many excellent simple pieces and among them, the Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt is an especially easy item to use and have!

As it has an exquisite sense of length and volume, there is a presence even if you wear it with a piece like this one.

Of course it is also useful as an inner and can come in handy all season.



The pants are the Side Tuck Pants that arrvied the other day

The cropped length wide denim pants has a refreshing summer feel as it uses a fairly thin denim of 4 oz. It is slightly rounded when worn due to the four big tucks arranged at the side of the waist front. The characteristic  is close to the cocoon silhouette.

It is an item that will be very useful if it gets used to the unique texture , the navy color has a little purple glowing atmosphere.

Speaking of Yohji Yamamoto, you would think of black colours right away  but navy and blue are also outstanding colors to have.

It is also recommended to wear the pants rolled up for spring.



As an accent, we choose the cornelin taurus's "Hone Punch Shoulder" and guidi's "Bison Leather Belt" .

Of course this is great for those who do not like carrying big bags and just want to bring the bare minimum. It also adds a very sleek accent and does not over power your outfit. The belt is excellent for easy incorporation.

The nude color belt is an item that also matches the style of monotone, the length is long enough to drape down casually to add a nice touch. The width is 2 cm and discreet and it is an item that is easy to use, plus, the price is just right as well!

There will be more items arriving from each brand soon so please check out our site this week.
We will introduce it steadily from now on, so do look forward to it!