Today, from WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN, we will introduce a jewelry coordination featuring new items from the 19 -20 AW season.


The Hammer texture brings out the curvilinear beauty

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 1-001

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 1-002

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 1-003


This time, this item is mainly coordinated with the "HAMMERED LINK" series which has elegant light reflection with gentle curves and hammer texture.

The necklace has a unisex design with a combination of two rings of different shapes, and while the top has volume, it also has a slightly delicate chain.

The fluid design, which changes its appearance depending on how the ring tilts, is a factor that WERKSTATT did not have before.


2-way ring that can be worn both inside and outside

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 2-001

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 2-002

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 2-003


The ring from the same series as the necklace worn on the middle finger has a design that looks as if one ring is bent into an oval shape and connected with another part.

This can be worn on both sides, so you can change the front and back depending on how it matches with other rings that day.

The combination of the curve and hammer texture gives an elegant impression, so the items to be worn together are all basic and elegant items such as the twist design.


An elegant large ring recommended for those who buy a ring for the first time

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 3-001

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 3-002

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN Jewelry Coordinate - 3-003

The wide ring that is worn on the left hand is a voluminous yet elegant item.

This item is voluminous enough to be worn on its own, but it has a design that does not make it hard to combine with other rings, so it is recommended for those who buy a ring for the first time!

The main season for accessories is spring and summer, when people often wear short sleeves, but even in this season, you can enjoy the combination with the sleeves of the wear and accentuate the ring.

If you want to add an accent to your current style, why not add some jewelry?




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Twisted Ring



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