The Viridi-anne Restock

The viridi-anne

For today's post, we would like to introduce the The Viridi-anne re-stocks that are really suitable for the weather now! 
We have 2 size 1s that have been restocked so if you were looking for one previously but was sold out, we highly recommend you to check them out this time.

The viridi-anne

Cotton Nylon Standard High Neck Down


¥84,240 ( TAX IN )


The viridi-anne

The viridi-anne

The whole silhouette is sharp, light-weight and easy to move. 

The down jacket is in a matte colour and is made of cotton and nylon. 

For the down material, hand picked goose down from Poland was used.

The warmth of this piece is really unbelievable and can be used solely with just one top inside. 

This is great for those who do not like wearing many layers and we highly recommend it. 

All fasteners are water repellent.

Thumbholes are equipped on the cuffs as well which is great for the cold. 

The staff himself has one piece and he says it really is an all in one piece as it equipped with everything from design, heat retention to functionality!

Moreover, it does not get out of fashion as you can wear it every cold season. 

We hope you will like it as much as we do!

The viridi-anne

The viridi-anne

The viridi-anne

As this down jacket is available in the The R Osaka Minami Horie branch, please come and see and try it out for yourself if youa re in Osaka! As it will still be cold for another 3 more months, we hope you will consider this piece.