Our store, The R, will be temporary closing for a short period of time.



The R Osaka Minami horie store

Address: 550-0015 Osaka prefecture Osaka city Nishi-ku Nishi-ku 1-15-17

Closing Period
10th November to 15th November 

Reason for closing
Plumbing construction work 

Contact us   
Phone Number:06-7494-6032

e-mail : info-en@realisent.jp


We really did not want to close for such a long period of time as we are opened almost everyday of the year...

However, due to unforeseen circumstances and construction work, we had to close our shop for a short period. 

We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused!

As the space above our shop is a residential building, it seems like there was some incompleteness with the piping and plumbing, causing us to temporary close our shop.

We have also contacted the management company this morning and they are helping us resolve this problem as soon as possible.

As this is a sudden announcement, you can still contact us via phone or email as we will still respond as per usual so please do not worry! 

The staff will still be in the shop during this period so if you want to drop by, please feel free to do so! 

※ During this period, the fitting room cannot be used due to plumbing work

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.