In this blog, we will introduce a staff look using Kobayashi's own clothes styling using JULIUS pants that he personally purchased at The R this season.

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own) 01

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own)  02

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own) 04

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Product Code: 597PAM3

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The model is: 174cm / 52kg

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own) 01

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own)  02

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own) 04

Staff Styling 004: JULIUS (model's own) 01

Actually, it is also a brand that as a fashion lover, is one of his favorite brands, as JULIUS is a brand that has a personal feeling. 

When he saw JULIUS 's clothes for the first time in a magazine as a high school student, he thought, ' is there such a cool clothes! ‘ and was shocked!

Although FASCINATE does not deal directly with the brand, they are handled by The R and the opportunities involved with the brand also increased. It has become possible to work with the brand that he has been admiring!

The theme collection Neuromantika was inspired by William Gibsun's feature SF novel 'Neuromancer'. His work was the pioneer of cyber punk in the late 1980's depicting a new ear of the connection between human culture and technology. However, now, the story is turning into reality, the meta viewpoint by superimposing in reality includes a future element.

Unlike the design taste of JULIUS so far, there is an impression that the pros and cons was divided largely, but personally there is a different freshness from JULIUS to date.

JULIUS seems to have a clean element like the rough sizing that was in the era, rather than the recent collection which started to solidify into a geometric pattern, making the feel military details and cultural cyber chic. It was a collection that he enjoyed very much.

Amongst them, wide pants including details like disassembling and reconstructing MA - 1 attracted his attention at runway! The impression that it took between the JULIUS likeness of this season and the flight pants which had been developing from the old days have gone. 

The front zipper is directly connected to the waist part so you can change the silhouette largely by the opening the zipper and the snap button. The versatility to accommodate a wide range of styling while being avant-garde design is really attractive. 

In FASCINATE, there is a strong styling of avant-garde elements with few opportunities to deal with, but since you can also view JULIUS items at the same time on the site, if you want to challenge this styling occasionally please check it out!

The pants we are using for styling are already sold out, but we are also able to respond to inquires with out of stock items, so if you have items you are looking for please feel free to contact the The R!