Hello everyone! We have decided to do something different for our blog post today, from today onwards, we will be posting some of our staff's styling posts with their very own take on coordinating their outfit with items form both our shop and also their own personal items! We hope you will enjoy them!

Staff Styling 001: Yohji Yamamoto (model's own) 01

For our very first post, we have my, Kobayashi's, personal styling using items mainly from Yohji Yamamoto paired with a bag from cornelian taurus.

All items worn are from the Yohji Yamamoto 17SS collection except for the canvas sneakers, which were rom the 16 AW collection.

To be honest I was not really into Yohji Yamamoto at first as I was more into other brands that made clothes with a lot of other functions or even different ways of wearing. Recently designs or items that don't over power each other but change greatly depending on your body type, idea, styling ability and even the same item changes drastically have been my main mindset and since I joined FASCINATE back in March this year, I have only been purchasing items from Yohji Yamamoto....

Speaking of Yohji Yamamoto, some of you might be concerned with the oversized image especially for those who are thinking if it might not fit your body. Although you might be worried about this, i think that these pieces have a way to match and suit the wearer regardless of the size!

I am 174cm tall and weight 52kg and fairly slim fit but i have no problems wearing a size 1 to 3.

If you are interested in Yohji Yamamoto items but do not know what size to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Staff Styling 001: Yohji Yamamoto (model's own) 03

The outer piece is actually the Left Front Double Layer Shirt but i have used it as a light outer coat. I personally like this piece as the duality of asymmetrical colour scheme as seen in many of the looks of this season has been a piece i have always wanted. 

The stripe pattern is very this season and has a classic atmosphere too. At the same time, it has a rough impression with the cotton and linen fabric. Rather than wearing it as a shirt, wearing it as an outer piece adds a cool atmosphere and is also great for the warm days.

Staff Styling 001: Yohji Yamamoto (model's own) 04

The inner piece is a a long length piece that I recently purchased as well. This big cut-sew's shape and silhouette can be changed by using the strings on both sides, but for this styling, I have left it as it is. 

This oversized styling might not be something that you are used to but the sizes and lengths of the inner piece help to balance out the whole look. 

Staff Styling 001: Yohji Yamamoto (model's own) 07

The pants are also a piece we had previously in our shop, using the same fabric, Wide Easy pants uses rayon gabardine fabric and is very thin as compared to the wool gabardine, which is perfect for the spring and summer. 

These pants are very versatile and the give a good impact on the outer piece as well as the inner. 

For shoes, I have the canvas sneakers. For this styling, I felt like a pair os sneakers will be better than boots as it adds a lightness to the whole styling. 

Staff Styling 001: Yohji Yamamoto (model's own) 05

I was initialy worried about what bag to carry and not mess up the Yohji Yamamoto coordinate.

For YY, it was originally made with the assumption of walking styling with hand held bags or backpacks or shoulder bags so as to not break the silhouette. That is also why tote bags are highly apt as they do not block or mess up the shape and cut However, it isn't as convenient or suitable for those who travel by bike or bicycles. 

Therefore, my recommend is a mini size shoulder bag. 

In this case, you can sling it around your body under the outer piece! It also has the perfect size to carry your wallet, card case, handkerchief etc. You will then have a good sized bag with you for putting all your belongings without destroying the silhouette. 

I also have the  Key chain - Horse paraffin clipped onat the side.

The Cornelian Taurus Hone Punch Shoulder I am using is currently sold out due to popularity! But if you are interested, we still have the same type of bag but with linen canvas material that will arrive next season! We have already started accepting reservations so if you are interested, do check out our pre order page to reserve your item.

I also recommend the Flat Shoulder Mini - Steer oil leather  or GUIDI's Body Bag Soft Horse Full Grain - Q10 - GRAY!

As the Q10 GUIDI bag is also of a good size, it would also be perfect for a styling such as this one. 

For this post, many of the items are not available in our shop as they are all my clothes but if you are interested in any of these piece, do let us know and we will try our best to help you order them! Do visit us in our shop and we can talk about clothes and fashion!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate, we will be happy to help you.

We are waiting for you in our shop.