Today, we would like to show you a a set up style with the pants and jacket coming from SADDAM TEISSY newly arrived collection. This set up is a relatively simple set up style but is really sleek

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  01

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  02


Items Used



Tailored Jacket

Product Code : ST104-0016A

Size 1




Slim Straight Trousers

Product Code : ST107-0016A

Size 1




Cold Dyed Dress Shirt Gray

Product Code : ST102-0017S-gray

Size 1




Back Zip Boots S21M VA01 Vaqueta

Product Code : S21M-VA01-Vaqueta

Size 41



The model is: 174cm / 52kg

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  03

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  04

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  05

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  06

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style 07

SADDAM TEISSY New Arrivals Set Up Style  08

The jacket is a signature items from SADDAM TEISSY and has a very characteristic look with the concave shoulder. The shoulder pads were completely originally designed giving a moderate silhouette that balances out the look. The lapel width has also been made wide giving a sharp finish. 

The pants have a solid silhouette that gives a slender body. The whole formal impression is really impressive as well. 

The fabric has a special coating the plain weave wool area as well, it has a sense of elasticity and has a dry texture, it also does not wrinkle as easily, giving this item practicality and character! 

As the look and style this time is really quite formal, we have a cold dye shirt as our inner piece and boots for shoes to tone down the look. 

The shirt is also from the same brand and gives a well balanced look with the length and collar size. 

For those who are up for the challenge to wear set up styles like this in the autumn, we highly recommend this look! If you have any other questions, do let me know us know!



The R | FASCINATE ( E-MA Umeda Branch )

JULIUS & NILøS 2018 S/S Reservation Exhibition 

JULIUS [ NRMTK; ] _Visual Promotion

The [ JULIUS & NILøS 2018 S/S ] reservatipn exhibition will be held this month!

julius & niløs



JULIUS & NILøS 2018 S/S Exhibition Reservation

The R Pop-up Store E-MA Osaka

〒530-0001 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kita-ku Umeda 1-12-6 1st Floor

Date: 13th October, Friday to 15th Octorber, Sunday


Phone number:06-4796-7773



julius & niløs



This season's theme reflects the music culture of hardcore punk of America.

The music that expresses violent sounds that were prevalent in the 1970s with the emotional lyrics with a strong message in an unexpected rhythm pattern, made it to a contemporary style this season. Among these trends, designer Tatsuro Horikawa picked up the American bass player Mike Watt, the hardcore and punk artist. Checked shirts that he enjoyed wearing and layerd styles were styled by hangin outer piece on the back. 

Moreover, it features and incorporates an orthodox punk image in an easy to wear manner, for example, lace up, bondgae belts and mesh materials etc.,

julius & niløs



NILøS 006th Collection

Silhouettes and designs that have not been seen in JULIUS before. 

somewhat street...
somewhat mode...

We also have many works you can use daily and many pieces that you can use and style easily.

We hope you will come and attend this event if you can!


We will be preparing samples for you to make your reservation as well so please take this opportunity to see and try these works of JULIUS & NILøS 2018 S / S!

Only items that we have ordered will be available for reserving.
For items that we have not ordered, we will need to check if the maker has stock.

We have ordered a considerable amount for both brands so we are looking forward to your visit!