From RIPVANWINKLE we would like to introduce the BOMBER HEAT CARDIGAN and DEEP BLACK JEANS, with the LONG KNIT as the inner.

They are convenient items that can be worn easily and the cardigan can be used as the outer most layer that has the inside made of brushed material. The bomber heat material demonstrates outstanding heat retention.

For the styling, we use the new work of Beruf Baggage continuing from last time.

Although there are various bags in the collection, this time we would like to introduce this bag that is like a new type amongst them all.


The cardigan is shorter on the back compared to the whole length, as the front has a pointed shape giving a longer and sharper impression.

As there are parts on the front attached, you can use the specification to clamp the hook.

In this styling, we used the deep black pants to unify the whole look with a calm colour.

Here, we have the DEEP BLACK OVER DYE JEANS that has a promising and outstanding comfort while still being tight fit with a powerful kickback. The silhouette from under the knee makes it a great piece to wear.

We are planning to have a retrieval for sizes 4 and 5 so please have a look!

For the photos, we have the bag ZIPPY 2.0 from Beruf Baggage attached on the front.

As ZIPPY 2.0 can be adjusted in length, it can be used on the front, as long as the belt is made longer, it can be used as a mini shoulder type bag as well. It is also a convent piece to have when to put in your camera as it is water resistant as well.

We are focused on the tops as the main, but please also have a look at the pants!

RIPVANWINKE is a brand that balances the narrow pants with a slightly longer dress length. The knit may be good enough to open the zipper at the hem and become accented with the waist circumference.

So far we have introduced the whole styling, but from here we would like to go into more detail for the bag.

Small bags and backpacks are made of the same material.

In the picture below, we hook the hook on the middle of the belt of ZIPPY 2.0 to the loop of the backpack handle.

Indeed, some people know about this but it was made to be able to join the ZIPPY 2.0 with the FIELDER 13 so we highly recommend it as a set!

* ZIPPY 2.0 can also be attached with URBAN EXPLORER 20.

Even though there is also a combination of these two, it can also be used unisex so for women who like sporty looks as well, do check it out!

Beruf Baggage is an interesting brand with the ease of usage and attention to detail can really be felt as well.

Description of ZIPPY 2.0 is here.


ZIPPY 2.0 is a compact shoulder pouch developed to support users in every scene. With a unique structure shoulder strap adopting hook parts and a compact size with a rich storage structure, it provides the wearer with comfort for daily use.


■ High water resistance body material and water proof fastener

■ Outer pocket of stretch material convenient for quick access

■ Interior straps that can also be fitted with accessory carabiners

■ Use hook parts that can be attached to "GR01"

Material: light weight, durable and water resistance by "DURON ™" and YKK “Waterproof fastener".


Fujii Daimaru is a place where many visitors come from overseas, so we would be really glad if you would come by and have a look at these super pieces.

Sacoche and backpacks have a cutting edge that are key pieces for anyone.

The model is 185cm and 65kg, wearing a size 5 for the cardigan, size 4 for the knot and size 5 for the pants.

This weekend, we will be having JULIUS SS19 reservation exhibition right here at our Kyoto Fuji Daimaru Pop ups store so please feel free to have a look at the info!

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