Since the previous time we blogged about the Beruf Baggage items, we have been working onthis time we have been working to make Beruf Baggage visible to our customers, please have a look.

The collaboration down jacket has ben released last week and sizes have become lesser with the low stock so today we will be introducing it!

RIPVANWINKLE DOWN JACKET collaboration with The Viridi-anne.

For RIPVANWINKLE, the down jacket has appeared a few times and this time we have the latest collaboration work with The Viridi-anne.

Down jackets are suer useful for the winter so please have a look!


Based on high density nylon weather and fabric, this down jacket is a combination point combined with Schoeller's moisture-permeable water-repellent material.

Schoeller's fabric is the material switched part on the elbow to cuff.

As a customer who knows RIPVANWINKE from a long time ago, it is a design that is reminiscent of the mountain parker with the zipper placed on the breast part.

Another point will be the unusual specification of the 2 front zippers.

Adjustment is effective and easy deepening on the volume of the inner so it works very well if you want to layer on items inside.

The cuffs protect the wrist firmly so that the wind does not get inside.

For this styling, we used the Beruf Baggage 's Stream Sling Bag.

【 Down Jacket × Epron Pants × Stream Sling Bag 】

The point of styling this time is the sling bag with the down jacket.

It is a works like a body bag featuring thinness, so it is not off putting from outside the volume of the down jacket, and it is fitted with the style to use inside.

Washable wool dolman sleeve is used for the inner.

The reason why the sleeve are twisted is because it is made to stay when raising the sleeve.

Pants worn are the apron pants.

It is a pants using oil paraffin-processed motorcycle pants, the same material as jodhpurs pants with an asymmetric design.

Where the tapering is thin from the knee, the sharpness is effective around the waist where the volume appears.

The BAG series is perfect for the city which is also very popular at stores.

We used the backpack called FEELDER13 in the styling before, but the type we used this time is available in three different colours of different material model.

The bag plays a role of slip prevention.

The belt can be detached and reversed so that it can correspond with both left or right wearing.

This brand is a brand that the designer wanted to introduce with enthusiastic explanation from the time of purchase. Please take a look at this functional, MADE IN JAPAN bag brand intro:

About beruf baggage

"beruf" means "occupation" and "mission" in German. We provide products that support all people enjoying "life with bicycles".

All of our products engaged in comfortable use and excellent quality are made of carefully chosen materials with original design.

Our products are carefully made each one of them by the craftsmen at reliable studio in Japan.

Product description is here.


"CF STREAM SLING PACK" is a sling pack with a high fit pursuing comfort and functionality.

The design combines comfort and functionality towards cyclists living a life with bicycles on and off.

The minimalist design which is invisible to the function and gear as a cycle bag is not just for sports but for everyday use as well.


■ Streamline style that fits your body

■ Main compartment capable of storing tablet terminals

■ Slit pocket that can store smartphone

■ Quick release type shoulder strap

■ Slip stop with silicone resin


The Heavy Duty version which adopted CORDURA® 66NYLON has a rugged construction to withstand more harsh operating environments, an essential quality feeling of carefully selected materials, and a function to respond to the desires of urban commuters.


Incidentally, the inside tag, with the brand name, has the meaning of recycling by using the bicycle tube, and still has craftsmanship by expressing with embroidery.

As there are a lot of bicycle riders in Japan, we hope you will have a look and consider them!

The model is 185cm and 65kg wearing a size 5 for the inner and down, and a size 4 for the pants.

※ Items used in this styling are listed below

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High Density ...


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Washable Wool...


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Drill Slab St...


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Smooth Leathe...


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beruf baggage


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