RIPVANWINKLE 2020-21AW Collection Reservation information - 1-001

RIPVANWINKLE 2020 AW Collection will be open for pre-orders from 12 noon on June 1st!

We will also be taking orders for the Pre-Collection, which will be arriving one step ahead as well as the EXCLUSIVE collection, which is our special order.

This is the 47th collection of RIVANIWNKLE, which focuses on sophisticated silhouettes and adds classic elements to its unique taste in military and sports items.

The new MOUNTAIN PARKA is the latest addition to the Teflon-coated BJ Tech series, and the new BJ colours that surprised buyers were also available in the latest look.
In addition, the Thinsulate model of TECH COAT, which was sold out immediately in 20SS, has been developed, and it is a lineup that is sure to turn heads.
In addition, a variety of outerwear is enriched and new items such as the new DOWN JACKET and COMBINATION JACKET are also available in abundance.

Mustard and camel colours are also available for trainers and knits, which are made in autumn and winter-like materials.
The work items with a rugged and crude atmosphere are mixed with colours with a mild impression that has never been seen in the past. In addition, the use of vivid interpolated colours is still alive and well in the line of heavy and mode items such as turtle knit in bi-colour that can be worn front and back.

A new type of pants are gathered around the silhouette is slender, other than the new type of DUST JEANS that is gaining popularity every time, a new design of the past is renewed, a wide line up of pants such as SOLID PANTS that evolved into a jersey pants type.

The world view of the brand that can be enjoyed by the total is continued in the foot, and the style proposal that combines BACK ZIP BOOTS of the classic atmosphere with TACTICAL BOOTIE, it can be enjoyed by all fans of the brand. Moreover, the pants of the cropped length has an exquisite affinity with shoes and other wide type jodphurs pants, etc.

We have selected a wide range of notable items so do look out for it!

This time, in response to buyer's wishes and customer's requests, we have produced three special order items that we started planning about half a year ago. This time, we have prepared two samples, which can be enjoyed by both old fans who know the brand from the past and those who are interested in it recently.

Thanks to the generosity of the manufacturer, we will be able to borrow samples to see the products in detail!
The overall design is simple, so please take a look at the look and select items.

RIVVANWINKLE 2020 AW Collection will be open for pre-orders from 12 noon on June 1st!

Delivery will start at the end of June for the special order and will be scheduled until September, so please look forward to it!

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