This week we receive items from these 『DEVOA』『Yohji Yamamoto』『B yohji Yamamoto』『Ground Y』『RIPVANWINKLE』brands.



Yohji Yamamoto Release Date Notice

Releasing on 11th July 12 Noon

The Hannya series from the previous batch have also arrived in a jacquard knit as well.

The bottoms have a genderless atmosphere this season with flare silhouettes, totalling to 5 bottoms.

A large number of shirts and cut sews will be available as well. These are pieces that are classic and can be worn regardless of season.

Yohji Yamamoto 2018-19AW COLLECTION



B Yohji Yamamoto Release Date Notice

Releasing on 11th July 12 Noon

We will be lauching the new delivery on 11th of July at 12 noon so please look forward to it!

This is a hoodie pullover of moderate thickness jersey using 30/1 combed yarn. It has a texture featuring moderate tension of soft texture with silicon softener. The broad fabric of 100/2 can be seen from the joined parts and it also adds a sleek accent. It is highly versatile and can be an active piece for the coming season so please look forward to it!

B Yohji Yamamoto2018-19AW COLLECTION



Ground Y ☓ EVANGELION 2018-19AW Collection Release Date Notice

Releasing on 13th July 12 Noon

One of the lines run an led by Yohji Yamamoto, Ground Y evoked a social phenomena as soon as they released they newest information. They continue to increase the number with the over 20 years old Collaboration "Ground Y ☓ EVANGELION 2018 - 19 AW Collection” that we are releasing on the 13th of July 12 noon!

Collaboration with the "Evangelion" series has been carried out so far, but the minimalist design is centered on the whole as compared with the previous time, the character original picture is handled on the lining, the pants and the cardigan. The craftsman added hand paineing one by one to monotone prints.




DEVOA Release Date Notice

Releasing on 14th July 8 PM

We will be releasing the new DEVOA 18-19AW items on the 14th of July!

This delivery is an extremely big batch so we highly urge you to check it out!

In addition, the work of this season is a collection that can shows an impressive side of DEVOA so we hope you will look forward to the launch on the 14th of July, 8pm Japan time!




RIPVANWINKLE Release Date Notice


Releasing on 14th July 8 PM

RIPVANWINKLE’s unique designed layered pants uses steer leather and the high cut sneaker has a zipper design on the front part.

We also have the shoulder bag and neck wallet using weather max fabric.

Please look forward to the release on the 14th!





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Yohji Yamamoto
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