Announcement of JULIUS & NILøS 19SS Reservation Exhibition

JULIUS and NILøS 19SS Reservation Exhibition held at Kyoto Fujii Daimaru pop-up store for 3 days, 12th of October (Fri) to 14th of October (Sun) !!

This time, thanks to the makers, we will be the first shop in Japan to hold this reservation exhibition, ahead of any other shops!

During this reservations exhibition reception, you will be able to see the actual collection of samples and make reservations along as you try on the items.

It will run for 3 days, on the 12th Oct (Fri), 13th Oct (Sat) and 14th Oct (Sun).

Details of the event will be below this post so please have a look.

Regarding samples to be borrowed, it will be the items that are ordered by us.

These items can also be viewed on the online store which we have released earlier so please refer to them as well!



With a punk concept of confronting the world of obstructive hypocrisy with an innocent rebellious spirit, in the clean colour palette, from contrasting hard materials to decadent graphic prints, the image of JULIUS has never been this powerful before.

Military taste are conspicuous as with the 18SS season and there are pieces that are noticeable and delicate, with a rugged and powerful element such as deploying transparent materials printed with Salvatore Caputo's original graphic. A lot of eyes are on this newly developed collection with the newest firm concept.

JULIUS military styles with new designs and graphics are definitely worth a look!

※ Items codes that start with the number 658 from JULIUS are from a SPOT collection and they will not be available during this reservation exhibition so please kindly take note.


・NILøS 19SS Collection [ Judith; ]

The theme of this season is [Judith;]

The 19SS collection inspired by painter Gustav Klimt's "Judit" "Judit # 2” which is a collection that has a colour palette like an oil painting with a neutral male image. Based on the decadent haute couture atmosphere and a functionally street style of the late 1950s, these new pieces are bad on a flare silhouette volume such as Balmain's bubble dress, Balenciaga's baby doll dress, Dior's Trapez line with femininity. It is a lineup that you can enjoy with the contrast of extreme balance incorporating various elements.


12th of October (Fri) to 14th of October (Sun), for 3 days

Business hours:

10:30am to 8pm

Operates everyday



Kyoto Shijo-ku Kyoto Shijo-ku Kagoshima Shimane Teramachi Shimane Shinanomichi 605 Kyoto Fujii Daimaru 7F

Kyoto Fujii Daimaru 7F


Phone Number:075-221-8181

Both brands have a wonderful collection for the next season so please come on down if you are interested!