Apple Watch Band by iolom
first collection available from today onwards!

 We apologise for the 1 day delay we had as we were supposed to release the bands yesterday. 

This is special project in collaboration with iolom, to produce the Apple Watch Exclusive Band that will only be available in FASCINATE.

 The first part of the band collection dedicated to the Apple watch will be the following 2 combinations,  [Guidi leather × brass buckle] and [Guidi leather × Silver 950].

The sizes availble are【38. 42】.

iolom's Mr Sakamoto mentioned that, 'There is no band that fits the clothing that FASCINATE offeres!' Which is how this lead to this project. In the future, if you have any ideas for the bands other than metal parts such as silver and brass, we plan to manufacture them as well so please look forward to it! 

In today’s blog we will be explaining the different parts of the band, the Buckle design, Buckle material and Leather type! As there are so many selections to choose from, it might a little confusing at first so do allow us to explain the differences.


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About the buckle

You can choose from 2 types of buckles. Type 01 is an original buckle developed independently by iolom and Type 02 is the classic buckle type.

Type 1

Type 2


About the leather

Choices of leathers can be selected from 【1.8 m / m thick Guidi Cordovan】, 【1.8 m / m thick Guidi calf black front / back】and【1.5 m / m thick Guidi calf dark gray | dark red front / back】.

From the left 【1.8 m / m Guidi Cordovan】 ,【1.8 m / m Guidi Smooth Calf】 ,【1.8 m / m Guidi Reverse Calf】

From the left 【1.5 m / m Guidi Smooth Calf (D. Red)】, 【1.5 m / m Guidi Reverse Calf (D. Red)】, 【1.5 m / m Guidi Smooth Calf (D. Gray)】, 【1.5 m / m Guidi Reverse Calf (D. Gray)】

About the joint parts

For joint parts, customers using 'Space Gray' or ‘Black' apple watches, you can choose【Parts. S. Gray】. Customers using the ‘Silver’ apple watch, you can select【Parts. Silver】.

From the left 【Space Gray (S.GRAY) 】,【Silver】