Four days from June 28th to July 1st, we will be holding the Reservation Exhibition event at FASCINATE!

We will be holding this event for 4 days, from 28th June till 1st of July for the DEVOA 2019-2020 AW collection in our store, FASCINATE.

You can make reservations while trying on the samples.

During the exhibition period, you can get a feel and look at the pieces before the arrival and reserve them as well.

Since appointments are unnecessary, please come and visit us during this event!

Detailed information and opening dates and times will be written at the bottom of the page so please have a look!



About 19-20 AW DEVOA

The new 19-20AW DEVOA has become a strong collection with military colours and trench coats with minimalistic designs.

For the popular leather series every season, in addition to the finest Mouton jacket of Entrefino species with long hair, Double riders are also deployed using the brand's first Guidi horse leather.

In addition, there are works that have never been seen from DEVOA, such as the coat with prints on the back for this season.

The newly appeared type of pants, as well as the standard slim pants is produced abundantly with a loose layered cropped style so you can enjoy a wide range of styles.

DEVOA 2019-20AW collection has become a collection with a mature atmosphere, incorporating the calm classic style we have shown over the past few seasons into the military style.



Time and Venue


Date and business hours

28th of June (Friday) to 1st of July (Monday), 4 days

28th June (Fri)12 noon to 8pm

29th June (Sat)12 noon to 8pm

30th June (Sun)12 noon to 8pm

1st July (Mon)12 noon to 8pm



〒550-0014 Osaka fu Osaka shi Nishiku Kitahorie 1-14-9

"FASCINATE 2nd Floor"


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If you have any questions about this event, feel free to contact us.


Phone number : 06-6534-6110

e-mail :


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