DEVOA Release Date Notice

Releasing 10th Feb at 12 noon!


This new batch of items is a small but it is an impactful bunch of 5 new types, 2 coat, 2 jackets and 1 pair of pants!

The coat CTA-PRB is made by "OLMETEX company” fabric and was finished with bio wash and sprayed with ultrafine glass particles on a high density woven cotton fabric, it is lightweight and has a characteristic of reflection.
The other coat CTK-SLC is made with silk and linen blend materials, finished in a canvas fabric that was sandblasted and bio-washed to give the fabric softness.

Other jackets we have are the processed reflector bomber jacket, Tailored jacket which adopts fabric and processing as well as the unique stripe-like configuration unique to DEVOA that has a tight fit silhouette

Regarding pants, we have the silk made with "OLMETEX company" high density and polyurethane coating to the back side to improve the strength and ventilation pair and another which has a thin and patterned knee so the silhouette does not collapse even when worn rolled up.

The quantity of arrival this time is small but still has the DEVOA quality of fabrics, processing and patterns!

In addition, many of these pieces can be washed and are easy to handle so please have a look and check them out at 12noon of the 10th of Feb!


Items releasing on 10th Feb are listed below
Item Name SKU Color Size Price
Coat Cotton poplin reflector CTA-PRB BLACK Size 2 ¥92,000
Coat Silk linen canvas sand blast finish CTK-SLC BLACK Size 1,2,3 ¥78,000
Item Name SKU Color Size Price
Jacket Cotton poplin reflector JKA-PRB BLACK Size 1,2,3 ¥64,000
Jacket Silk linen canvas sand blast finish JKK-SLC BLACK Size 1,2,3,5 ¥68,000
Item Name SKU Color Size Price
Cropped pants High density silk PTF-ECT BLACK Size 1,2,3,4,5 ¥48,000

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10th August at 12 noon(JST)


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