The DEVOA 18SS Reservation Exhibition that was held in our Umeda E-MA branch has ended!

The custom orders for the iolom event also added with a bang!

We have also written an event report so please check it out! 

For today's post, we would like to introduce the styling that is mixed with 17-18 AW DEVOA and 18 pre spring items!

DEVOA FW x PS Style 01

DEVOA FW x PS Style 02

DEVOA FW x PS Style 03


Items Used



Jacket Wool Stripe

Product Code: JKK-KSW-black

Size 1




Long Sleeve Egyptian Cotton Jersey (GIZA)

Product Code: CSC-AG3-black

Size 1




Knit Coat Linen Cotton Jersey Blue Gray

Product Code: CSC-LCC-blue-gray

Size 1




Cropped Pants Wool Stripe

Product Code: PTF-SWS

Size 1





Back Zip Boots Sole Rubber - Horse Full Grain Leather

Product Code: 788V-black

Size 41





Trapezium Boston Bag Cow Leather

Product Code: io-08-026-CL

Size Free



The model is 174cm / 52kg



DEVOA FW x PS Style 01

DEVOA FW x PS Style  02

DEVOA FW x PS Style  06

DEVOA FW x PS Style  07

DEVOA FW x PS Style  08

DEVOA FW x PS Style  09

DEVOA FW x PS Style  09

Based on the setup of the 17-18 AW striped jacket and cropped length wide pants this time, we have the 18 pre spring layered style with the jersey cardigan made of cotton linen as the inner piece.

As the temperature has dropped quite a bit, this is really the best time for layered stylings.

The new cardigan that can be worn as an intermediate inner is also excellent as an outer item in the early spring. It can also work as a coat in an indoor air-conditioned room. It is also perfect for those who are in the car a lot! 

The knit of cotton linen used for this cardigan is made by creating a complex color unevenness of random border by dyeing cotton yarn and linen yarn with different colors at the stage of yarn dyeing.

Moreover, although it is a seemingly simple middle-length cardigan, it has become a piece that pays much attention to detail, such as a beautiful raglan sleeve pattern and tailoring of the back along the shoulder.

If you are looking for a versatile item that can be used for both now and during the early spring please check it out!